Sun-Lite releases an amazing folk album “Unicorns and Dragons”

“Unicorns and Dragons” is an album that can be described as a hybrid of electronic and acoustic music. And some of the songs in the album can make you daydream, reflect more deeply, laugh, or cry, and it does have a few childhood flashbacks.

Sun Lite is a Belgian musician whose musical universe we discover and who establishes himself as a nice surprise, the kind that makes you happy and dresses your face with a big smile of satisfaction. Sun Lite is a truly dedicated and talented artist who blends engaging electronic music into catchy tunes. He is a so-called “bedroom producer,” who writes, performs, mixes, and masters his music in addition to making music videos for his YouTube channel. He started the whole thing in 2018. He had previously performed as a singer in bands, but he felt that this would allow him to be more creative.

Sun Lite draws heavily from a variety of musical genres, including dance, hip-hop, jazz, psychedelics, ambient, classic rock, folk, pop, and blues. He didn’t have any gigs because of a lack of time, and he is unsure whether he would ever perform one. It’s technically quite challenging.

The great alt-folk album “Unicorns & Dragons,” which was recorded and produced by Sun Lite at his Lier house, was released on December 30th, 2022. While the majority of this album is laid back, a couple of tracks do have some folky acoustic guitar, and as a result, it can be described as a hybrid of electronic and acoustic music. Some music can make you daydream, reflect more deeply, laugh, or cry, and it does have a few childhood flashbacks.

Willem Serneels
Willem Serneels

Sun Lite initially had no intention of creating this album, but he was forced to since, in the summer of 2022, a hacker/ransomware installed on his backup drive, which was coincidentally attached to his laptop at the time, caused him to lose practically all of his mixes. He chose to finally share all of his songs because he couldn’t recover most of them. Because he had to do a lot of work fixing the audio, the quality might not always be excellent.

Unicorns and Dragons” tracklist:

1. The Night Hag

2. Day Stallion

3. Trolls

4. M.O.T. H.E.R

5. Grimble Grumble

6. L4-L5

7. Unicorn & Dragons

8. Why…

9. Not The End

M.O.T. H.E.R., the album’s longest song, is Sun Lite’s ethereal, ambient, and occasionally krautrock tribute to his late mother, who passed away before he wrote the song. The album’s opening track, “Night Hag,” has a tense and captivating atmosphere, and when the guitar emerges, the atmosphere is masterfully prepared for what is about to happen. Scary events occur while the character is resting in his bed at night in this story about traumas from the same upbringing. The second song, “Day Stallion, ” skips ahead to when he was a teenager and mocks some of the common misunderstandings that come with that age with girls.

Additionally, the song “Trolls” stands out, and I enjoy the two guitars dancing around each other at the introduction. The stoic beat and charismatic vocals then make their entrance, completely hooking the listeners. Furthermore, “Grimble Grumble” reinvents the album with a clever arrangement and gorgeous instruments.

Moreover, the amusing title track “Unicorns & Dragons” features insightful lyrics and top-notch musicianship, while Sun Lite’s boyhood fantasy is also reflected in the title tune of his album, “Unicorns & Dragons,” which recalls him lying in the grass and daydreaming about various shapes. The album’s final track, “Not the End,” is a straightforward guitar ballad about dying that links to the “M.O.T.H.E.R.” tune and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Willem Serneels
Willem Serneels

Sun Lite is hoping that his record, which is quite different, will surprise people. These songs have elements of electronic and acoustic music, as well as folk, ambient, psychedelic, flower power, and self-reflection; There are two instrumentals, a life-and-death theme, and a constant presence of humor and self-relativity. In “Unicorns and Dragons,” one thing is certain, Sun Lite is a musician who creates dynamic, engaging music that ought to be heard. Additionally, “Unicorns & Dragons” is one of the explanations for why we are certain that the entire album release will always exist and that a cohesive body of work is created through the songs.

Willem Serneels
Willem Serneels

I’m overjoyed to have heard “Unicorns & Dragons.” It’s an album that should definitely be heard and is best enjoyed all at once. So, dim the lights and crank up the music! This week, make sure to add “Unicorns & Dragons” to your collection of new songs, and be on the lookout for what Sun Lite does next!

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