Harmonious Eclecticism: Sara Möller’s Latest Album ‘How and How’ – A Captivating Musical Journey

Sara Möller is a captivating artist hailing from Sweden, particularly from the vibrant musical scene of Stockholm. Möller’s music is nothing short of a masterpiece, as acclaimed by Swedish music magazine Lira. Her sound is an amalgamation of various genres, transcending boundaries and offering a unique blend of jazz, blues, folk, and chanson.

Her music often draws comparisons to the likes of artists such as CW Stoneking, Tom Waits, and Lhasa de Sela, showcasing her versatility and eclecticism. The range of her work is truly impressive, oscillating from cabaret and circus-like atmospheres to moments of profound fragility and intimacy.

Sara Möller’s previous albums have received well-deserved acclaim, with accolades from prominent figures such as Sweden’s Radio personality Lennart Wretlind and Lira Musikmagasin. Furthermore, her work has garnered international recognition, as evidenced by its mention in the British magazine Songlines and beyond.

Sara Möller

Now, let’s dive into the heart of “How and How”. Released on September 22nd, 2023, “How and How” is an original album that showcases Sara Möller’s prowess as an artist and her ability to create a musical masterpiece. This album is a journey through a diverse soundscape that transcends traditional genre boundaries, making it a unique and captivating listening experience. “How and How”, marking her third album, was produced by the esteemed musician and composer Mikael Augustsson, who also lent his talents as a multi-instrumentalist to the record.
Here are Credits for the How and How Album
Label: Unsolved Music
Music & lyrics- Sara Möller
Producer- Mikael Augustsson
Mixing engineer- Anton Sundell
Mastering engineer- Jonas Siöström
Sound engineer- Jarkko Heiniö
Recorded in Stureparken Studio Stockholm, 2021

How and How Album Track List:

It’s a Pity:
“It’s a Pity,
” the opening track of Sara Möller’s album “How and How,” serves as a captivating introduction to the musical journey that lies ahead. The song features a serene piano melody accompanied by the subtle beats of a drum, creating an atmosphere that immediately draws the listener in. Möller’s calm and evocative vocals take center stage, setting the tone for the rest of the album.
What sets “It’s a Pity” apart is its storytelling aspect. The lyrics of the song are not just words; they are a narrative that unfolds before the listener’s ears. Möller’s ability to craft a story within the confines of a song is on full display here. Her vocals and the instrumental elements work in perfect harmony, allowing the lyrics to take the spotlight and weave a tale that resonates with the audience.
As the opening track, “It’s a Pity” serves as the perfect entry point into “How and How”. It gently invites the listener into the album’s world, providing a taste of the artistry that Sara Möller has to offer. With its captivating melody and emotive storytelling, this song sets the stage for what promises to be a remarkable and immersive musical experience.

Letting It All Go:
“Letting It All Go
” is a compelling track within Sara Möller’s album “How and How.” The song immediately captures the listener’s attention with its alluring rhythm, which sets the stage for a musical journey. This track is a true testament to Möller’s exceptional talent, and it exemplifies her ability to create a profound and emotive musical experience.
Möller’s vocals on “Letting It All Go” are nothing short of captivating. They exude a sense of calm while delving into the depths of the lyrics, conveying the very essence of the song’s theme – letting go and seeking a fresh start. The lyrics paint a picture of shedding worries and embracing a new beginning, a sentiment that resonates with anyone seeking solace and renewal.
Instrumentally, “Letting It All Go” offers a subtle yet impactful backdrop. The instrumentals provide a rhythmic foundation, allowing Möller’s vocals to take center stage. This arrangement adds depth and texture to the track, emphasizing the emotional weight of the lyrics. “Letting It All Go” is a shining example of how Möller seamlessly combines her vocals with instrumentals to create a harmonious and resonant composition, making it a standout piece within the album.

I Like You In Every Way:
“I Like You In Every Way,”
the final track on Sara Möller’s album “How and How,” provides a beautiful and fitting conclusion to this musical journey. The song begins with an alluring rhythm emanating from the piano, which is quickly joined by a symphony of other instrumental elements. This carefully constructed instrumental opening sets the stage for an emotionally charged and captivating listening experience.
The lyrics of “I Like You In Every Way” are a testament to Möller’s lyrical prowess. The song delves into the singer’s expression of affection for someone, even in the face of acknowledging the seeming irrationality of such feelings. This emotional depth is encapsulated in the lyrics, making it a heartfelt and relatable piece for the listener. Möller’s vocals, as always, are a highlight, conveying the complex emotions and nuances of the lyrics with finesse.
The intricate instrumental arrangement in this track adds another layer of depth and richness to the song. As the piano’s rhythm is joined by other instruments, it creates a lush and sonically satisfying backdrop for Möller’s vocals. “I Like You In Every Way” serves as a perfect closing for the album, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. The combination of captivating vocals, emotive lyrics, and finely tuned instrumentals makes this track a poignant and memorable conclusion to an already remarkable album.

Sara Möller’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical genres is evident throughout “How and How”. The album effortlessly blends elements of jazz, blues, folk, and chanson, creating a sound that is both eclectic and cohesive. This fusion of influences is a testament to Möller’s artistic vision and her willingness to experiment with different musical styles.

One of the defining features of “How and How” is its instrumental diversity. Each track offers a distinct musical flavor, ranging from soothing and contemplative instrumentals to more upbeat and energetic vibes. This dynamic range of instrumentals allows the album to explore a wide spectrum of emotions and atmospheres, creating a textured and multi-dimensional sonic journey.

Sara Möller

Sara Möller’s vocals are the heart and soul of this album. Her seductive and evocative voice weaves its way through each song, carrying the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. She demonstrates remarkable vocal versatility, effortlessly conveying a wide array of emotions, from vulnerability to passion. Her vocals are the perfect complement to the diverse instrumentals, creating a cohesive and immersive musical experience.

The synergy between the vocals and instrumentals is a defining characteristic of “How and How.” The instrumental arrangements are meticulously crafted to support and enhance Möller’s vocals. They act as a canvas upon which her voice paints intricate and vivid musical landscapes. Whether it’s the gentle caress of a ballad or the energetic surge of a more rhythm-driven track, the combination of vocals and instrumentals in this album is nothing short of artful.

What makes this album particularly special is its collaboration with some of Sweden’s leading musicians, including Konrad Agnas on drums and percussion, Mauritz Agnas, Nils Berg Clarinet, saxophone and flute, and Tobias Wiklund on trumpet. Leif Jordansson, a well-known figure in the Swedish experimental music scene, played a pivotal role, contributing his skills on guitar and banjo, shaping the eclectic and raw sound of the album.

In conclusion, “How and How” is an album that stands as a testament to Sara Möller’s musical artistry. Its diverse instrumentals and Möller’s captivating vocals make it a captivating and immersive experience. The album’s ability to seamlessly blend a variety of genres and moods showcases Möller’s unique talent and her dedication to crafting music that defies easy categorization.

For music enthusiasts seeking a fresh and boundary-pushing listening experience, this album’s diverse instrumentals, paired with Möller’s mesmerizing vocals, form a harmonious and enchanting listening experience that is not to be missed. So, don’t hesitate any longer; do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Sara Möller’s “How and How”.

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