13 December 2022

The magnificently melancholy “Empty Apartment” explores the emptiness, loneliness, and loss of a romantic partner. This song was sung and composed by TerraTara.

TerraTara is a singer and composer who holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Canada. She is a percussionist who also plays mandolin, guitar, and piano. Traditional folk music, acoustic music, and roots reggae have all influenced her.

TerraTara‘s style varies and includes elements of eastern European, Middle Eastern, folk, and reggae music. She’s appeared at the Koots Roots Cultural Festival, the Starbelly Jam Festival, and the Shambala Music Festival. “Empty Apartment,” TerraTara‘s second single of the year, was released on November 18, 2022. The song has excellent production, with a smooth vocal performance, soothing instrumentation, and a super-clean mix. TerraTara‘s nature-inspired acoustic compositions have been making waves in the indie singer-songwriter scene since 2010. Her singles “A Love, Tantalize” and “Waiting for the Rain” have become global fan favorites, and the songs perfectly capture her distinct sound.

To establish the groove, “Empty Apartment” begins with an acoustic guitar progression and some light percussion. TerraTara performed her heartfelt lyrics with a distinct flow that was influenced by Eastern European, Indian, Irish, reggae, and other genres as she sang about missing love and longing for it, together with smooth fillers and the soothing harmonies she plays. She developed her signature sound as a busker, which reflects her surroundings and emotions. “Empty Apartment” was recorded in Argenta BC Analog recording by Kyra Soko in 1999 and remastered by Fullersound in 2022

TerraTara lost her home and went on the road, becoming homeless and busking on the streets, which inspired this amazing song.

TerraTara‘s dynamic and engaging choruses keep the listener’s attention throughout “Empty Apartment.” She finishes with smooth microtonal cadences and complementary harmonies that fill out the soundscape in a raw and authentic way. TerraTara is a fantastic songwriter, and her influences have helped shape her sound into something truly unique! She wrote “Empty Apartment” in 1999 and had to wait until now to release it, but the wait was well worth it.

Empty Apartment” is about being alone, feeling void, losing another lover, and leaving town. Getting on the road Traveling with a guitar, being in debt, hustling on the street, and meeting more lovers on the road—no matter where you go, they’re all the same. being surrounded by smokers, tokers, and drinkers and feeling the same most days. –TerraTara

Go listen to this fantastic single right now; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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