The Animal Gang presents – Gimme Love

Gimme love

Singer/songwriter Kris Finn and producer Denis O’Neill started the Dublin-based alt-rock group The Animal Gang as a studio endeavor. Denis had previously collaborated with Carl on guitar, Paul on drums, and Shakey on bass; their playing styles complemented the tone and vigor that Kris and Denis had in mind for the band. The first song, “Like a Mine,” was published in 2016 while the band was still in the studio. The second single, “Paper Plane,” was released at the beginning of 2022.

The Animal Gang’s third song, “Gimme Love,” which encapsulates the live sound of the band as heard at recent shows in Dublin, was released on November 10th. The song’s lyrics, which are perfectly incorporated with the heavy, distorted, yet melodic riffs and licks over a powerful bassline and a bouncing drum rhythm, are about Kris’ love for a specific kind of girl.

With an AC/DC sound over a Rolling Stones groove, this is one of the band’s favorite songs to play live because it always gets a positive response. The band includes every necessary detail, such as a solid and dynamic interaction between the drums and the bass. The guitar lines are excellent, with a catchy riff, a powerful solo, and flawless layers. The sequel builds on the atmosphere with more intense vocals. The melody is still captivating and enticing. With its cheerful, tireless style, the rhythm rises. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for the day.

In a statement about the song, The Animal Gang said, “This song came about in a similar fashion to others we’ve recorded, we record a lot of the band practices, especially the jam bits.” Looking for something appetizing, Kris and Denis got down and combed through the tape. We built an arrangement and attempted various voice ideas for what was initially simply a few chords performed in a specific way.

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