The Starkillers present their new single – Close To The End

Close To The End 

To entertain the crowds with magnificent music, the Starkillers made a visit from the future. They fuse music and image with neon lights and hard riffs while clad in cyber-tech and futuristic garb. Their sound, which combines elements of cyberpunk with future themes, sounds, and images, is the product of years of aesthetic attraction and curiosity with the unfathomable unknown.

The Starkillers are Jon Omen on lead vocals, Chris Panic on bass, Doc Taylor on drums, and Mike Fiedel on guitar. In Salt Lake City, Utah, they had their first encounter. They started the band in 2020. However, they have been good friends and bandmates for a long time. They are influenced by groups like The Killers, Foster the People, Walk the Moon, and the Foo Fighters. The band played at the Illuminate Festival on November 12 in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as The DLC in Quarters Arcade Bar on September 22, 2022.

After identifying a pattern in their music and choosing to stick with it, The Starkillers began creating their album. The life cycle of a toxic relationship and all of its stages are represented in this album. The album’s lead single, “Close To The End,” is about the feeling you get when a relationship is on the verge of falling apart but you’re still trying to hold it back. You get the impression that everything is coming to an end soon and you are beginning to pay attention to all the smallest details. Looking back, it’s obvious that the relationship was doomed from the start.

The beginning of “Close To The End” is wonderfully developed. The kick drum and bass come in to maintain the tempo after the electric guitar and some frantic hi-hat work. When the voices come into the mix, we’re eagerly anticipating it! The instrumentation gradually fades out as the vocals start, letting the main vocalist take center stage. It’s wonderful to hear the percussion, voices, and some intriguing and beautifully melodic basslines again.

The voices in the song “Close To The End” shine out better with the odd extra effect applied to them. The lead vocals on the phrases leading up to the chorus truly captured my attention. The high notes in this song by Jon Omen show incredible force and emotion thanks to some excellent belting techniques. The choruses are improved by the use of harmonies and backup voices, which contribute to the song’s status as a great sing-along anthem.

Each band member deserves praise for the excellent effort they put into this track. The guitar playing is accurate and fills the voids between the vocal lines well, while the bass is energetic and engaging to listen to throughout the song. With some wonderful, tiny fills that properly highlight Taylor’s skills, the drumming in this piece has individuality.

The Starkillers have once again produced a fantastic song that displays their prowess as musicians and songwriters. These guys are an extremely accomplished group. You should include this song on your playlist as soon as possible, in my opinion.

On November 11, 2022, “Close To The End” was released.

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