Introducing myah, a growing artist from South Florida who launched into her musical journey at a young age. Mixing alternative rock to pop-punk, myah’s track fuses those impacts to craft a completely unique sound that resonates with listeners via its nostalgic allure and infectious melodies. Drawing influence from iconic bands like The National, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, and Twenty One Pilots, she found her voice in the realm of alternative music, by combining it with her personal narratives and storytelling talents.

Myah is currently dwelling in Los Angeles and is close to debuting her first album, that’s scheduled to come out in August 2024. Through mixing emotional narratives with infectious pop tunes, she has carved out a one of a kind niche inside the music industry. Beyond her musical interests, myah takes delight in simple joys which includes enjoying a scrumptious croissant and cruising through city streets on her skateboard. Stay alert for myah as she keeps creating buzz with her emotive music and captivating allure.


Myah’s most recent song, ‘I’ll be your light‘, was released on April 26th, 2024, and it delves deep into the emotional aftermath of a breakup. From the eerie start to the heartfelt singing, the song draws listeners into a realm of pure feelings and unrestricted openness. At its essence, ‘I’ll be your light’ explores the intricacies of love and grief, blending together elements of desire, reminiscence, and strength.

The song unravels like a colorful tapestry of memories, with every verse creating a vivid portrait of the heartache and uncertainty that comes with the conclusion of a relationship. Lines like “Is this how it ends for us, my life doesn’t feel the same, told me I wouldn’t have to rush when you took what was left of me”, strikes a chord with a haunting sense of recognition, depicting the disorienting experience of moving on after a relationship ends. Myah’s introspective songwriting allows listeners to confront their emotions and contemplate human connection’s fragility.

The unique aspect of ‘I’ll be your light‘ is its power to elicit a raw emotional reaction from its audience, connecting with the shared feelings of sorrow and desire. myah’s voice brings an extra element of emotion to the tune, conveying the sincerity of each phrase with unwavering commitment. Every single note contains a feeling of yearning and acceptance, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the emotional world of the music.

The musical arrangement provides an ideal setting for myah’s expressive narration, incorporating eerie tunes and varied beats that enhance the overall ambiance and tone. From the eerie guitar melodies to the thumping drum rhythms, each aspect of the song seems carefully designed to express the intense emotions it holds within. Listeners are carried away by a whirlwind of emotions, entranced by the ebb and flow of myah’s mesmerizing soundscape as the music swells and crescendos.


Despite the pain and sorrow, “I’ll be your light” brings a spark of hope and determination. Myah reassures that, even in the toughest moments, there is power in being open and vulnerable. The song is a strong reminder that healing takes time and even the most severe wounds can heal eventually. In the end, ‘I’ll be your light‘ is not just a song about a breakup- it reflects the human experience, portraying the ups and downs of love truthfully.

The skillful work put into the song enables it to connect with a broad range of listeners. Myah’s emotionally intense singing, filled with deep sadness from being apart, serves as a conduit that brings the song’s message directly to the listener’s heart. The musical accompaniment enhances the emotional complexity of the song, providing a blend of rhythm and deep emotion. The combination of lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation creates a powerful and emotional musical composition. ‘I’ll Be Your Light’ directly addresses the listener, providing comfort and empathy to individuals going through a difficult breakup.


To sum up, myah’s ‘I’ll be your light’ is a beautifully haunting tribute to love and sadness, providing a touching insight into the intricacies of the human heart. By employing powerful words, expressive singing, and immersive music, the track encourages listeners to embark on a deep inner exploration and contemplation. Upon its release, myah has established herself as an emerging talent in the music scene, and ‘I’ll be your light’ showcases her skill and creativity. If you haven’t done so yet, treat yourself and fully involve yourself in the intense emotion and striking beauty of this mesmerizing song.

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