“Mountain Song” by Space Owl is a captivating musical journey inspired by a transformative expedition to the summit of a treacherous mountain. With its shifting time signatures, intricate instrumentation, and evocative melodies, the song transports listeners to awe-inspiring landscapes and fosters a profound connection between humanity and the natural world. 

Ari Joshua, an extraordinary guitarist born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in the United States, contributes his exceptional talent and artistic vision to the captivating sound of Space Owl. With his education at The New School in New York City, Joshua has honed his skills and shared his musical expertise through various projects, such as Big High, AriSawkaDoria, and numerous collaborations as a valued team member. Additionally, Ari Joshua is the visionary behind The Music Factory, a renowned music school celebrating its 15th year, having employed nearly 100 individuals and provided over 100,000 music lessons

Space Owl brought immense joy to their fans on June 20th, 2023, as they unveiled their long-awaited single, “Mountain Song.” Led by composer Ari Joshua and accompanied by bassist Bob Lovelace, drummer John Ewing, and keyboardist David Appelbaum, the band weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, with each musician contributing intricate layers of sonic textures. Their collective expertise fosters a remarkable sense of unity and harmony, mirroring the camaraderie experienced among friends during their awe-inspiring mountain adventure.

Emerging from the vault, these enchanting melodies offer a fresh and mesmerizing sonic experience to the world. Inspired by a memorable journey shared among friends to the summit of a challenging mountain, where they witnessed the breathtaking beauty of a valley adorned with shimmering lakes, majestic rocks, evergreen trees, and massive boulders, the composition of “Mountain Song” unfolds against the backdrop of a starlit sky, transitioning into a psychedelic sunrise and guiding listeners through passages of shifting time signatures and key changes, mirroring the creation of awe-inspiring mountain ranges.

With contributions from Johnathan Plum on engineering, Mel Detmer on mixing, and Ed Brooks on mastering, the collaboration resulted in “Mountain Song,” a captivating blend of classic rock and soul rock infused with powerful blues undertones.

The track embodies a jam session vibe, as guitars, drums, bass, and keys intertwine in an unconventional and sporadic manner. Surprisingly, despite the absence of a traditional structure, the song’s psychedelic essence is what renders it heartwarming, comforting, and deeply moving. Serving as the perfect theme for moments of pure weightlessness and happiness, “Mountain Song” exudes sheer joy.

“Mountain Song” instantly transports us beneath a star-studded sky, as the gentle movement of the full moon signals the commencement of an extraordinary journey. Space Owl’s masterful navigation through shifting time signatures and key changes engulfs the listener in a sonic odyssey that mimics the peaks and valleys of the natural world. As the track progresses, listeners find themselves transported to the summit, where time seemingly stands still and a profound connection between humanity and the natural realm emerges.

Overall, “Mountain Song” is a vibrant and amazing composition that delivers both a festive and entertaining experience while leaving a lasting impression. The production is precise and dynamic, with standout performances, particularly the exceptional drumming by Ewing. The guitar arrangement is intricate and multi-dimensional, and the group vocals add a touch of humor. For enthusiasts of this genre, “Mountain Song” is an instant hit that will resonate immediately.

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