Alison Wahl & Brian Berggoetz: A Love Symphony In “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us”

In the radiant city of Tucson, Arizona, Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz converge, each carrying a unique musical narrative that, when combined, creates a harmonious symphony. Alison Wahl, a distinguished lead vocalist and co-writer, has graced stages with renowned symphonies like the Boston Pops and the Chicago Symphony, leaving an indelible mark in the classical music realm. On the other side of the musical spectrum stands Brian Berggoetz, a versatile artist contributing vocals, guitar, and co-writing, drawing inspiration from the likes of Ryan Adams, Chris Stapleton, and The Moody Blues. Brian’s journey includes sharing stages at SXSW with celebrated musicians, showcasing his ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of contemporary music.

Their paths serendipitously crossed in the vibrant music scene of Tucson, where their collective energies converged into a harmonious fusion. Alison’s ethereal vocals, forged on the grand stages of classical performances, seamlessly complement Brian’s contemporary edge, resulting in a musical synergy that transcends genres. This dynamic duo encapsulates the essence of collaboration, weaving a musical fabric that reflects their individual virtuosity and shared passion for creating timeless and evocative music.


In the enchanting realm of love songs, “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” by Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz released December 11th, 2023, emerges as a transcendent anthem, beckoning on listeners like you and I into an intimate dialogue shared between two soulful creators, Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz. This duet, a masterfully crafted symphony of emotions, unfolds like a cherished love letter, revealing layers of thought and creativity that elevate the single to unparalleled heights.

As I delved into “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” by Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz, a wave of warmth enveloped me, transcending the typical Christmas song experience. The celestial sounds of the acoustic guitar and the haunting piano tones initiated a captivating soundscape, immediately drawing me into a world where emotion and melody intertwine. From the very start, Alison’s evocative vocals spoke directly to my senses, delivering the opening lines, “It’s that time of year, for you and me,” with a tender resonance that set the stage for a heartfelt narrative.

At the 0:29 timestamp, Brian’s vocals seamlessly entered, a perfect response to Alison’s lyrical introduction. The duet between them, especially between the 0:49 and 1:13 timestamp, was a breathtaking moment similar to witnessing a star-lit sky or the dawn of a new day—simply astonishing. The intricate weaving of their voices, like a poetic dialogue, created a sonic experience that resonated deeply within me.


As the song progressed, the instrumentation evolved, with the piano chords becoming more pronounced and the introduction of soft drum sounds adding depth to the composition. It was not just a musical progression; it was an emotional crescendo that enhanced the cozy ambiance of the song. The lyrics, exploring the intricacies of love during the festive season, spoke to me on a personal level. Lines like “when love is just enough, Christmas is just the right time for us” echoed the sentiment of cherishing special moments during the holiday season.

The song’s narrative, woven with phrases like “smiles come easy for you and me, under the city lights everyone can see,” painted a vivid picture of love blooming amidst the festive glow. The imagery created by the lyrics was powerful, offering a glimpse into a world where love shines brightly, stopping people in their tracks to admire its beauty. The final lines, “why don’t we live every day like days,” lingered in my mind, prompting contemplation on the simplicity of love and the joy it brings.

What truly set this track apart was its softcore instrumentation and the exceptional vocal delivery by Alison and Brian. It felt like a musical masterpiece, a symphony of emotions crafted with precision and care. The piano, the guitar, the drums—each composition played its part in creating a magical atmosphere. The synergy between Alison and Brian reached its peak, elevating the song to a level of pure beauty that resonated with my soul.

“Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” is more than a song; it’s a journey into the depths of love, beautifully encapsulated in a holiday setting. The track, with its seamless blend of classical and contemporary influences, stirred my emotions and left an indelible mark. The artistry displayed by Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz in this composition is nothing short of outstanding, making this single not just a seasonal delight but a timeless gem that I will revisit, finding solace in its melodies and the emotions it evokes.

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