Me&T is a German/British experimental pop band composed of Tristan, a British instrumentalist, and Tamara, a German vocalist. Both of these musicians are passionate and open about putting their life experiences into music. Their music is a fusion of their feelings and incredible instrumentals performed live on stage.

Since 2019, they have collaborated on songwriting and electro-experimental pop. The band continued after releasing their most recent song, Apology, to declare that “With all of life’s ups and downs, its emotions, anxieties, and doubts, and with all that life has to offer, there is a bright side which is joy and happiness and a reason for hope.”

Me&t international duo
Me&t international duo

While Tamara uses her talented voice and creative imagination to produce incredible tunes, Tristan the sound engineer enjoys pushing musical boundaries with his unusual instruments that pick the interest of their audience.

The most recent song from the incredible musical duo Me&t, titled Apology, was published on November 11 and is now streaming on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. The tune inspires a sense of self-healing and self-care, which has the duo both ecstatic about its debut.

This brand-new song, Apology, shows Tamara’s unadulterated perspective of how she was unjust and unfriendly to herself, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable even when her body physically gave out on her. This unjustified pressure forced Tamara to undergo a number of therapies. Tamara realized she deserved to apologize to herself for the cruel treatment she inflicted on herself after recovering through the therapeutic process and finding strength and faith in herself and her art.

Me&t international duo
Me&t international duo

Through the use of her art, Tamara was able to inspire both her fans and herself. Through the song Apology, she also inspired those who, unknowingly were on the path to success in their respective fields but were breaking themselves with excessive stress, work, and pressure without regard for their bodies and minds. The song is dedicated to her early struggles with anxiety and depression in relation to her mental health.

According to the group Me&t, “their greatest privilege is to help others through their music. On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all other social media sites, you may find their songs and music videos. Links to the most recent EP can be found below this article.

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