“Here’s The Thing” by Eve Casino is an amazing timeless classic rock album that represents the summation of Eve Casino’s experiences in the Chicago music scene and a love letter to everything rock from the 1960s to the 1990s

Four-piece independent rock band Eve Casino hails from the Chicago suburbs and is made up of Ryan “Haggy” Hegarty on bass and vocals, Marco Obaya on lead guitar and vocals, Sam Skilnik on rhythm guitar, keys, and vocals, and Chris Taylor on drums and percussion. They draw inspiration from The Doors, Weezer, and The Cars, and their music is influenced by psychedelia, the blues, and punk rock, among other genres.

Eve Casino challenges expectations with its original and innovative style of rock music. Their objective is to produce a distinctive fusion of musical genres that can intrigue both music enthusiasts and prospective new listeners. The band has experienced considerable success and is gradually expanding its fan base as a result of their dedication and hard work, and the rock music of the future is Eve Casino. What this exceptional band will do is impossible to predict with their level of inventiveness and potential.

Photo Credit @Dan Cherry
Photo Credit @Dan Cherry

The new album “Here’s The Thing” by the burgeoning rock band Eve Casino was released on November 18, 2022. The band’s own label, Bird Theory Records, independently released the 8-song set. With “Here’s The Thing,” the band expands on the complexity and production quality of their self-titled EP, which was previously released in 2021. This album is a love letter to all things rock and a culmination of Eve Casino‘s experiences in the Chicago music scene. These songs contain elements of rock from the 1960s to the 1990s. Between the four of them, they recorded, mixed, and mastered the entire album! Two of their four members are employed by Enviyon Recording Studios, which has produced multiple top 40 performers, multi-platinum records, and even one with a diamond certification. 

“Here’s The Thing” tracklist;

1. Hotter

2. Before I Hit The Ground

3. Blues Whip

4. Abercrombie Zombie

5. Fifty Buck Billy

6. Short Circuit

7. Little Gypsy Queen

8. Summertime Dreamin’ (ft. Navi Smith)

These songs span multiple rock subgenres. More than ever, the band’s sound is diverse, featuring a variety of lead vocalists throughout its songs as well as sophisticated instrumental passages and immersive guitar work. The song “Hotter,” which features electric guitar riffs and vocal harmonies that linger long after the song is over, is the ideal illustration. 

The album’s opening track, “Hotter,” opens with radio-voiced phrases before the bass enters and a murky wah-wah beat with splashy drums. Everything else enters the scene later with a lovely drum roll; the song has a funky feel, and the solo starts out very wild. The composition complements the entire track with the strong vocalist’s voice. 

Another interesting banger on the album that really caught my ear is “Before I Hit the Ground.” It opens with a face-melting intro that includes distant-sounding guitar riffs, a brief solo, and drum rolls. The bass tune and the drumming are on time. The radio-voiced vocal fits the track perfectly, and the back vocal work was equally impressive. The guitar solo was interestingly smoky and awesome, with its wah-wah effect and full-on blues mode.

Photo Credit @Dan Cherry
Photo Credit @Dan Cherry

The album’s closing track, “Summertime Dreamin’” ft. Navi Smith, begins with a clean-toned overdriven riff and a bass line before transitioning into a guitar solo. The vocalist sounded similar to Kurt Cobain and had excellent control over his vocals. The guitar solo was fantastic, and the entire song has a Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe to it.

The album displays a broad spectrum of influences, ranging from hard rock to soul rock and everything in between. It creates a distinctive blend of vintage and contemporary by fusing aspects from the past and the present. The music is kept dynamic and new by the grooves, vibrant instrumentation, and vocal harmonies. The tunes are eclectic yet dynamic, and the band takes pride in preserving the songs’ consistent classic feel and smooth transitions. This album is the ideal way to experience the band’s distinctive sound without skipping a beat, thanks to its insightful lyrics and strong tunes. The album is unquestionably timeless and a true monument to their talent and dedication.

Here’s The Thing” showcases Eve Casino‘s rich and original writing style, which you will thoroughly enjoy. The album is by far one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time, and it’s a fantastic record that reminded me of an album of classic rock and old-school rock with a fresh sound. “Here’s The Thing” by Eve Casino is a stunningly well-executed and aesthetically alluring album that is likely to gratify any rock music listener.

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