Backstrom & Bart Topher’s “Animal”: A Primal Sonata Of Musical Brilliance

In the heart of Sweden’s vibrant music scene emerges Backstrom, a musical virtuoso and the sole creative force behind the captivating sounds we’re about to explore. Hailing from the enchanting city of Stockholm, Backstrom brings a unique perspective to the world of music. While Backstrom serves as the band’s solitary architect, the collaboration with brilliant session musicians, including vocal maestro Bart Topher, drummer extraordinaire Fransisco Paz, versatile guitarist Luca Giannotti, and harmonizing vocalist Kimberly Faith, elevates the musical journey to unprecedented heights.

Bart Topher, the vocal luminary on eight of the album’s tracks, not only contributes his exceptional vocal talent but also lends his lyrical brilliance to three of the songs. A true collaborator, Bart Topher’s artistry weaves seamlessly into the fabric of Backstrom’s musical narrative, creating a harmonious fusion that resonates with listeners.

Backstrom’s musical tapestry is inspired by Stockholm’s rich cultural and artistic past. The influences range from Leonard Cohen’s profound depths to Mark Lanegan’s unvarnished grit. The echoes of the Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street” add to the album’s timeless charm, merging traditional and contemporary components.

In the captivating world carefully crafted by Backstrom and Bart Topher, of the debut single, “Animal,” released December 21st,2023, emerges an unparalleled masterpiece, intricately weaving emotions and musical brilliance. From the very beginning, I found myself immersed in a soundscape that goes beyond conventional expectations. The delicate strings of the viola struck a chord within me, echoing like a heartfelt proclamation, while Bart Topher’s vocals, reminiscent of a celestial choir, added an enchanting layer that resonated deeply within my soul.

As the song unfolded, the profound lyricism — “there’s a beast in the heart of the quiet, there’s a lion in the mind of every man” — became a moving mantra, delving into the primal aspects of human nature. This exploration touched a powerful chord, unveiling the layers of our instinctual selves and the untamed forces within us. The lyrics weren’t just words; they guided me on an introspective journey, prompting reflection on the raw, untapped energies that shape our existence.

Around the 1:44 timestamp, the introduction of semi-melancholic drumming was a stroke of brilliance. It wasn’t merely a rhythmic addition; it felt like a heartbeat elevating the composition, blending celestial sounds with earthly beats. My senses heightened, and the emotional impact of the song intensified. It was a musical alchemy, showcasing Backstrom’s ability to seamlessly merge different elements into a symphony of pure emotion.

The song’s expression reached its peak between 3:22 and 4:18, a moment of musical ecstasy that left me completely captivated. The harmonization of female vocals, viola, deep bass, and rhythmic drums was truly transcendental. Time seemed to stand still, and I found myself surrounded by a cocoon of sound, each layer contributing to the profound thematic depth of the song. The viola, in particular, took on a voice of its own, conveying the lyrics in a soul-stirring manner.

As the song progressed towards its conclusion, the unconventional nature of “Animal” became even more apparent. It defied the norms of typical tracks, breaking free from musical constraints and inviting listeners on an otherworldly journey. The thematic expression, seamlessly interwoven with celestial sounds and poetic lyricism, encouraged introspection into the primal instincts that define our humanity.

In the grand finale, the song concluded gracefully, leaving me in awe of the emotional odyssey I had just experienced. The beauty of “Animal” lies not only in its celestial soundscape or poetic lyricism but in its profound thematic expression. It’s more than just a song; it’s an emotional and intellectual exploration, inviting listeners to confront the untamed forces within themselves.

Backstrom and Bart Topher have crafted more than simply a song; they have created a sound masterpiece that surpasses the ordinary. “Animal” is a symphony about the essence of human nature, challenging us to confront our primitive desires and explore the depths of our uncontrolled forces. It’s a unique jewel in the musical landscape, a monument to Backstrom’s limitless invention and emotional depth.

In the realm of musical brilliance, “Animal” by Backstrom and Bart Topher stands tall as an invitation to explore uncharted territories of emotion and introspection. I recommend this song not just as a piece of music but as an emotional and intellectual journey that will leave an indelible mark on your musical palate. Embrace the extraordinary, and let “Animal” take you on a unique journey.

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