ZicZac’s latest single, “Dream of me,” paints a spicy and scandalous love story between two strangers who meet at a big event. As the narrator approaches a mysterious-looking girl, they quickly discover their shared intentions, leading to a passionate and thrilling romance that unfolds amidst an energetic rock vibe and an epic guitar solo.

ZicZac is a rising solo artist hailing from Vienna, Austria, known for his electrifying rock performances. As a one-man show, he plays all the instruments and delivers captivating vocals, showcasing his musical prowess. Inspired by the allure of Rock ‘N Roll from the past, ZicZac infuses modern elements into his music, creating a unique and infectious sound. With a string of successful concerts in and outside Vienna, ZicZac has been steadily gaining recognition for his dynamic performances and versatile exploration of various music genres. His passion for music and love for the rock genre are evident in every aspect of his artistry, making him a promising talent to watch in the contemporary rock scene.

Get ready to be blown away by the scorching rock vibes as ZicZac, the sensational artist, makes a triumphant return with his sixth track, “Dream of me.” Released on August 3, 2023, this song is set to reignite the flames of Rock ‘N Roll and propel it straight into the modern era. With a captivating narrative and the quintessential raspy rock tone, ZicZac’s latest creation promises to leave you spellbound.

ZicZac’s inspiration for “Dream of me” struck like lightning after a monumental gig that left him electrified and ready to create something extraordinary. The song narrates an intense love story that starts at an event where the protagonist’s eyes lock with a mysterious and alluring girl. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and they quickly discover they share the same intentions. Eager to escape the crowd, they find a hidden spot where their passion ignites, leading to a spicy and scandalous romance that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The track’s opening sets the tone for the thrilling ride ahead. The drumbeat builds anticipation, and when ZicZac’s emotive voice blends with the mesmerizing bassline, you know you’re in for something special. The brief moment of vocal absence at the 0.34 mark allows the bass guitar to shine, teasing you with what’s to come. Then, the explosive drum rolls kick in, accompanied by ZicZac’s dynamic vocals, propelling the chorus into a frenzy that’ll make you bob your head and tap your feet to the rhythm.

The chorus is irresistibly catchy, inviting you to sing along and become an active participant in this musical tale. With lyrics like “Because I want you, and I know you want me too, baby just close your eyes, and I will make your dreams come true,” the song embeds itself in your mind, playing on repeat long after it reaches its climax.

ZicZac’s storytelling abilities shine through his lyrics, making the entire song an exciting and immersive listening experience. Each part of the track introduces different rhythms, adding depth and emotion to the masterpiece. From the intense build-up to the explosive guitar solo in the climax, ZicZac displays a level of artistry that captivates and enthralls.

One aspect that truly sets “Dream of me” apart is ZicZac’s solo creation of this gem. The production quality is unparalleled, showcasing the artist’s exceptional skills in blending instruments harmoniously. The song envelops you in a whirlwind of sound, leaving you craving more as the final chords resonate in your soul.

In conclusion, “Dream of me” is an explosive testament to ZicZac’s undeniable talent and dedication to keeping the spirit of Rock ‘N Roll alive. With its spicy love story, thrilling instrumentals, and the artist’s signature rock tone, this song is a must-listen for anyone seeking an exhilarating musical journey. Embrace the magic of ZicZac’s artistry and let “Dream of me” ignite your passion for rock music once again!

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