VERMILION a highly anticipated released album by Young God Blow is an album that was inspired by YGB’s romanticism and love of living life in the early 2000s 

Young God Blow (YBG), who was born in Brooklyn, draws inspiration from the diverse cultures and music he grew up with, as well as the unique community he grew up in. Funny enough, the name was inspired by his childhood friends rhyming his real nickname ‘Joe’ with the word “Blow” and making fun of him. Even his family members picked up on the nickname, and he’d catch his mother calling him “Joe Blow” around the house. It eventually stuck, and when he started his music career, he wanted to keep the “Blow” because everyone already called him something along those lines. Later, he decided to add the “Young God” part because he believes his music has the power to change the world, and he wanted his name to reflect that, and here we are!

Young God Blow credits his greatest influences, including Tyler the Creator, Jay-Z, and Ski Mask the Slump God, with helping him develop his unique style of lighthearted themes and hard-hitting lyricism. Video games and popular culture elements also play important roles in the unique development of his music. Since beginning his journey in 2018, his style has evolved slightly, but one constant has been his energetic lyrical prowess. As he continues to release bangers such as “LIKETHAT,” “LILMAMA,” and his most recent, “BLOODSTAINEDFIT,” which all came up as part of his masterpiece “Vermilon” the album, he always makes sure a rhyme scheme or bar will have his listeners going crazy with excitement. There’s no stopping him, like a runaway freight train with no brakes, and now fans can rejoice in knowing his highly anticipated debut LP “VERMILION! “ is just beyond the horizon. The production, lyricism, and energy are out of this world; it’s as if YGB has discovered a whole new realm of Rap that he can dominate on his own. YGB’s romanticism and love of living life in the early 2000s provided a lot of inspiration for this album.

On November 30, 2022, “Vermilon” was released, featuring euphoric tracks like “Like That,” a smooth fusion of pop rap and hip-hop, led by synth-heavy soundscapes and lyrical rap delivery that made Young God Blow a household name in the industry.  One of my favorite tracks on the album “Vermilon” is “Lil Mama,” a captivating story of a lover’s pursuit. “LIL MAMA!” this track is bound to stir up emotions within you, whether you find yourself crooning to your sweetheart on the dance floor or headbanging in the midst of a mosh pit, as its elating waves wash over your being. YGB‘s delivery on “LIL MAMA” is sincere and unforgettable, with lyrics such as “My heart kept following you when you fell from the sky, you make it feel so perfect” and “I get lost in your eyes feeling a spark ignite, ticking like a bomb baby girl you blow my mind.” Young God Blow‘s mastery of the track is evident as he captures the essence of its message – the thrill of the chase, the infatuation, and the realization that you are being pursued by another presence.. As a listener, you become mesmerized by the beat’s catchy momentum and the words’ slick delivery.

Young God Blow delivers a modern hip-hop masterclass that alternates between heavy-hitting gangsta rap energy on tracks like “REBEL!” and sugary pop stylings on others. With “VERMILION”, He worked hard to ensure that each song conveyed a distinct feeling so that each listener had a euphoric experience while listening.

Young God Blow has a contagious energy that defies genre boundaries; he taps into a special realm of rap and hyper-pop, which is exemplified by both his compositional prowess and his capacity to create a memorable rhyme scheme. Young God Blow is an incredible young talent from New York City, and fans and journalists from all over the world have continued to praise his talent and craftsmanship. Malvika Padin of EarMilk states clearly, “An enigmatic talent who emerged and rose in the New York City rap scene, Young God Blow has built up an ever-changing artistry while keeping his infectious energy a constant that traverses his entire career. With the ability to balance lighthearted themes with hard-hitting lyricism.”

The tracklist for the album “Vermilon


ii) VEXED!


iv) BLOODSTAINEDFIT! Kemkooley is featured.


vi) REBEL! feat. Juss Fuego



ix) NINE!

x) HA!

Young God Blow is attempting to create more music that is authentic to him and explores more of the outcast side he has always felt. He’s been on a roll of making euphoric songs and has no plans to stop. This project is a culmination of everything He is, who he is, what he loves, and who he aspires to be. Fans will get to know him through this work, and he hopes they will grow closer to and comprehend him better as a result.

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