Matt Deangelis

Introducing 25-year-old American singer-songwriter Matt Deangelis who hails from Southern New Jersey. Matt has been honing his songwriter’s art since he was eight years old. His motivation is to spread optimism around the world despite all of its difficulties. Since he was a young child, Matt has battled OCD and anxiety disorders; yet, his strong faith has supported him through it all and inspired him to pursue a career in singing and mental health advocacy. Matt is an advocate for mental health and climate change who uses music to motivate others to take action. As an ardent storm chaser, he blends his love of the weather with his musical endeavors to use his knowledge to draw attention to the pressing issue of climate change.

Matt Deangelis

Released on February 2nd, 2024, Matt Deangelis’ single, “Free At Last,” is a soul-stirring musical adventure that defies ordinary composition. The charming guitar melody that invites introspection and serenity captures listeners’ attention from the very first notes of the tune. The growing melody sets the stage for Matt’s impassioned vocal performance, which skillfully weaves through the intricate layers of sound to enthrall listeners.

Matt’s poetic talent is evident throughout “Free At Last,” providing poignant reflections on the nature of faith and freedom. He asks listeners to consider the intricacies of life and the transformational power of surrender with lines like “I’ve been keeping something just for you, it’s like a memoir of the two of us, but nothing I can do will make it right; It’s beautiful, Life is beautiful but not without you.” Each word is alive with unfiltered passion, ringing true and vulnerable. “Free At Last” explores the idea of letting go of control and accepting that some things in life are out of our hands. Its message of gaining freedom via faith and trust, combined with its masterful musical arrangement.

Free At Last” makes a small but noticeable shift at 0:49 as Matt’s singing rises to new heights, giving the song an increased sense of tension. This little diversion from the soft charm of the song enhances its emotional effect by giving it more depth and complexity. Nevertheless, the song’s fundamental theme of letting go and freedom keeps the vocal anchored even as it reaches its peak. Subtle vocal delivery changes further contribute to the song’s emotional impact as it goes along. Matt’s voice occasionally adopts a softer, more contemplative tone that beckons listeners to delve deeper into his thoughts. In other cases, his voice rises with a passionate fervor, reflecting the ups and downs of life’s erratic journey.

“Free At Last” has an equally captivating instrumental arrangement, with every note thoughtfully chosen to enhance Matt’s expressive vocal delivery and poignant lyrics. Every aspect of the song’s composition, from the drum’s melancholic builds to the guitar’s delicate strumming, contributes to its complex auditory tapestry. A brief pause in the song is punctuated at 2:16 minutes by a sudden eruption of emotion as the melody soars with unfiltered, unadulterated passion.

Matt Deangelis

A moving instrumental piece that is played near the end of the song sweeps listeners away and leaves a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. The music, which evokes feelings of longing and nostalgia, stays like a bittersweet recollection from the 2:56 mark till the finish. With a song that explores the highs and lows of the human experience, it’s a suitable ending that gives listeners newfound hope and resiliency.

Free At Last” is not just simply a song; it’s evidence of Matt Deangelis’ talent and his steadfast dedication to raising awareness and promoting happiness. It acts as a lighthouse in a world that can frequently feel gloomy and uncertain thanks to its moving lyrics, entrancing melodies, and genuine vocal delivery. As they set off on this musical trip, listeners are reminded of the timeless beauty of the human spirit as well as the transformational power of faith and acceptance.

Matt Deangelis

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to listen to “Free At Last” for yourself. Whether you need a moment of reflection, inspiration, or just a lovely song to lift your spirits, head over to your preferred music streaming platform and allow the mesmerizing music of Matt Deangelis to envelop you. I promise you won’t be let down.

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