I’m excited to go into the realm of rap legend Fatihah because of the depth of his storytelling and the breadth of his artistic talent. Originally from the energetic streets of St. Louis, Missouri, Fatihah has had a turbulent musical journey spanning more than thirty years, with each chapter characterized by tenacity, devotion, and an unyielding commitment to genuineness.

Fatihah became fascinated by hip-hop from an early age, having been born in the midst of the decade’s frenetic hustle and bustle. In St. Louis’s gritty alleys and block parties, he honed his lyrical skills and became an adept at telling stories with rhymes and beats. He has persevered through the highs and lows of a constantly changing profession with unwavering resolve, making his rise in the rap scene an inspiration to fortitude.


Fatihah’s artistic style has changed throughout time, adapting to the ever-evolving hip-hop scene while remaining loyal to his heritage. He has gained the respect of both peers and fans by working behind the scenes and collaborating with underground legends. Fatihah’s style captures the spirit of old flows with a new twist, fusing vintage vibes with contemporary beats. His raw lyrics and compelling personality captivate audiences.

Having spent years honing his skill and eagerly awaiting for a chance in the shadows, Fatihah is ready to make his debut in the rap game with the highly anticipated song “Elevate Your Mind.” Released on February 9th, 2024, this song is the pinnacle of his career, fusing together stories of adversity, victory, and the beat of the city streets. Inviting listeners into a realm of reflection and enlightenment with “Elevate Your Mind,” Fatihah questions social conventions and promotes meaningful participation.

You know the adage, “First impressions matter a lot?” Well, Fatihah did just that with his debut track, “Elevate Your Mind,” taking the statement literally. Fatihah’s recently released debut single, “Elevate Your Mind,” embodies everything that hip-hop ought to be about. It’s a brand-new gem that has the full force of experience imbued in it; the lyrics convey a message, but it goes beyond that; the flows Fatihah dropped are akin to waterfalls, brimming with rhythm and style. Yes, Fatihah brought his A-Game with this debut single, and it’s evident he’s ready for business.

The beginning of this meticulously crafted masterpiece starts with the piano’s gentle and soft chords. Then, above these piano sounds, comes Fatihah’s crisp, resonant, and sleek voice. He wasn’t singing; rather, he was dropping lines that felt like a sermon, speaking directly to the men and dropping them like a ball of flame. The impact of this was increased because the piano serving as a backdrop. The full-fledged flow of hip-hop and rap was unveiled at the 0:22 timestamp. Energizing drumming, deep, resonant bass tones, synths dancing in the shadows, and a piano that blended flawlessly with the voices were all introduced. Then, I heard voices stating: “Elevate your mind, get yourself together.” Not only that, but I also heard background voices acting as hype-up vocals for the main voices, which created an intriguing blend that elevated the hip-hop feel.


At the 0:51 timestamp it was back to preaching again by Fatihah dropping the ball of flames again with the piano as the backdrop and voices hyping him up from the shadows, and I totally understand, the message he was preaching was just that impactful but now at the 1:06 timestamp it’s RAP TIME!! yes Fatihah dropped the flows like heavy rain hitting me hard with his lyrical prowess and rhythmic patterns yes flows that are too insane it takes listening repeatedly to full grasp. At the 2:20 timestamp I heard preacher Fatihah again dropping words of wisdom but this time he didn’t drop it for long, at immediately the 2:35 timestamp it was flows again like thunderstorm electrifying the atmosphere with powerful delivery and intense wordplay. The tempo of this song? It’s completely unpredictable, the rhythm? I just got carried in it and the melody? I was too busy soaking myself in its awesomeness to find a word to describe it.

In “Elevate your mind” by Fatihah, the thematic expression revolves around the imperative need to elevate one’s consciousness and prioritize meaningful engagement. The lyrics underscore the importance of intellectual stimulation and emotional depth in relationships. Fatihah urges individuals to transcend superficialities and embrace substantive conversations. Lines such as “A Woman’s mind is a G-SPOT, hate to say it but i’m sorry my nigga you aint deep enough” and “Teach her how to clean up her diet… how to be an inspiration to self” emphasize the significance of nurturing mental and emotional well-being, advocating for mutual growth and enlightenment within partnerships. Through poignant critiques of societal norms and personal behaviors, the song encourages listeners to aspire towards higher levels of awareness and introspection, ultimately championing the elevation of both individual and collective consciousness.

Honestly picking something and saying this standsout when it comes to this song is a no no. Everything in this track is perfection in music, the lyrics were mind-blowing, the flows were even more phenomenal, the flows were smother than silk, gliding effortlessly and flawlessly over the instrumentation with precision and finesse, the instrumentation on the other hand created the perfect surface for the flows to glide on, every single element in this song, worked and complimented each other perfectly to create the PERFECT DEBUT TRACK.

Fatihah’s debut track is proof of his unshakable devotion to authenticity and his craft. “Elevate Your Mind” solidifies Fatihah’s status as a true light in the hip-hop industry with its poignant message and captivating soundscapes. It makes a lasting impression on the rap game. I am reminded of the transformational potential of music to inspire, raise, and elevate the human spirit as I eagerly await future releases. As Fatihah leads you on a journey of reflection and enlightenment, discover the harmony of rhythm and message. Let his words challenge your perceptions, ignite your spirit, and inspire you to aspire towards higher levels of awareness and introspection.

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