In the lively streets of London, where musical talent thrives, Emily Mayne stands out—a talented pianist, singer, and songwriter whose heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies have gained global acclaim. Inspired by icons like Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, Emily Mayne’s musical journey started with a passion for crafting beautiful songs. Through her artistry, she turns emotions into melodies that resonate deeply, forming a powerful bond with her audience and leaving a lasting impact.

Emily Mayne’s prowess drew the interest of prominent figures in the business as she honed her piano skills and explored the realm of songwriting, launching her on a trajectory towards recognition and success. With influences from pop, R&B, and cinematic music to Olivia Rodrigo, Adele, and RAYE, among others, Emily Mayne’s sound is a chameleonic fusion of genres that skillfully creates a tapestry of innovative sound design. Her diverse preferences and unwavering dedication to her art shine through in her music, which breaks conventional pop norms and paves the way for fresh artistic exploration.


Motivated to convey her unique viewpoint on love, grief, and existence, Emily embarked on a voyage of self-discovery, transforming her feelings into songs that strike a chord with audiences on a profound level. Her innermost sentiments and thoughts are reflected in her music, which she uses as a canvas to brilliantly and authentically express the intricacies of life. Emily Mayne has performed at some of the most esteemed venues in the UK over her career, including BBC Radio Devon Introducing and Sofar Sounds in Leeds. Her music has received high appreciation from both critics and fans, gaining her a devoted fan base and respect from industry insiders. Working with Grammy-nominated producer Tim Gordine, Emily’s soundscape is always changing, pushing the envelope of pop music conventions and creating new avenues for artistic expression.

Introducing Emily Mayne’s debut EP, “State of Mind, Losing Mine,” released on February 4th, 2024, an EP that encourages one to embark on a journey of introspection and revelation. The EP delves into themes of loss, heartbreak, mental health issues, and living under unrealistic expectations, capturing sincerity, emotion, and authenticity. With each track offering a unique sonic journey, “State of Mind, Losing Mine” showcases Emily Mayne’s versatility and artistry in the contemporary music scene.

State Of Mind Loosing Mine EP Track List:

I found myself sitting here for hours, repeatedly listening to “Happy,” the opening track of Emily Mayne’s EP “State Of Mind Losing Mine.” Each time, I was overtaken by indescribable emotions. What intrigued me even more was realizing that this song was just the beginning of the journey. The enchanting sounds of the piano that initiate the track felt like a gentle breeze mingled with raindrops, captivating me with their enthralling beauty. At 0:14, Emily Mayne’s voice emerges, reminiscent of an orchestra of celestial bodies, carrying the song’s lyrics with a sweetness akin to flowing caramel through a fountain of chocolate. The seamless harmony between her vocals and the piano felt like a match made in heaven, transporting me to dimensions beyond imagination.
Another dimension of magic was revealed at the 1:56 timestamp, I could hear the base drum periodically pounding and pulsing through the song like a heartbeat. In addition, I could hear voices from the shadows echoing and harmonizing the sound “oh oh oh oh oh,” producing melodies that are by no means mundane. At the 2:29 timestamp this song reached a climax of both sound and emotions, how? The voice from the shadows began to serve as an echo of Emily Mayne’s voice, carry every single lyrics as soon as she does, it was like I was being cut by a double edged sword, it had double the impact, even the sound of the instrumentation underwent a metamorphosis to keep up with this vocal excellence. Emily Mayne created the perfect start for the perfect EP, I couldn’t have asked for anything more, no not that, I couldn’t have asked for anything at all.
In “Happy” by Emily Mayne, the song delves into the complexities of a fractured relationship, where the inevitability of breaking seems woven into the fabric of their connection. The frustration of watching a loved one walk away is palpable, resonating with the agony of absence and the lingering scent of memories encapsulated in a T-shirt that once provided solace. “To say you miss the way I would fall asleep wearing your T-Shirt now it hurts every time I open the wardrobe that shirt still smells like your favourite cologne,” epitomizes the tangible remnants of a love now lost. Despite the yearning for solace, the acknowledgment of being forgotten stings, highlighting the painful reality of moving on while clinging to fragments of happiness. The refrain, “But I know you don’t even think about me I just really fucking miss being happy,” encapsulates the longing for the simplicity of joy amidst the tumult of heartache, resonating with the universal desire for contentment in the aftermath of love’s dissolution.
Emily Mayne’s vocals elevate ‘Happy’ to its apex, setting the tone for the EP with their eloquence, charm, and angelic quality. Her vocals, akin to petals of flowers, gentle and beautiful, left me in awe. The mastery she displays with her falsetto, as soft and clear as can be, had me applauding in sheer admiration. Emily’s vocals serve as the guiding light, enriching the song with clarity and smoothness, truly defining its essence.

Never The Same:
One of the lead tracks from Emily Mayne’s EP “State Of Mind Loosing Mine,” “Never The Same,” is a rollercoaster of emotions; it’s like an ocean of sensations and feelings. This song begins with the mesmerizing piano sounds, which are quickly followed by deep, thunderous bass sounds. Emily Mayne’s soul-piercing voice then crafts the lyrics on the canvas of this instrumental masterpiece. Emily Mayne’s vocals danced beautifully with the piano sounds, giving the impression that they were meant to be partners. Emily Mayne’s voice and the piano sounds were flawless and perfect. The song started to pick up speed at 2:17, with the piano, bass, and Emily Mayne’s voice all contributing to the build. At 2:25, the drum beat started to play quietly and calmly. Although it seemed like it was about to burst into a bombardment of sounds, the song’s beauty and tranquility persisted all the way to the end, creating endearing melodies and timeless beauty.
In “Never The Same” by Emily Mayne, the song unfolds with a raw vulnerability, echoing the aftermath of a breakup that leaves the act emotionally shattered. “I’m crying like I’m stuck here in a breakup,” encapsulates the deep sorrow and sense of being trapped in the aftermath of love’s dissolution. The lyrics convey a poignant realization that different choices, particularly in the way words were exchanged, could have altered the trajectory of the relationship. Despite the understanding that leaving might be the rational choice, there’s a paradoxical comfort found in the dependency that developed, an admission of needing the other despite the pain.
“But I kinda like being needy,” reveals the complexity of emotions intertwined with longing and vulnerability. The haunting refrain, “I’ll be never the same, never the same as I was, Before the day I learned your name, Never the same, never the same as I was Before I met you,” emphasizes the profound impact of love and loss on identity by serving as a reminder of the irreversible transformation brought about by the encounter and subsequent departure. The song grapples with the inevitable changes that come with heartache as it navigates the difficulties of navigating life following the breakup of a significant relationship through melancholy reflection.
What sets “Never The Same” apart is its softcore instrumentation, creating the perfect backdrop for Emily Mayne’s vocals and thematic expression to flow seamlessly. The song’s impact and resonance are increased by the instrumentation, which acts as a catalyst for the emotional depth and reflection present in the song. “Never The Same” is a monument to Emily Mayne’s artistry and her capacity to traverse the intricacies of love, sorrow, and self-discovery with great honesty and authenticity. This is evident in both the song’s engaging melody and evocative lyrics.

Hard To Love:
If the embodiment of a “perfect ending” was to take the form of a song then it would undoubtedly be “Hard To Love” the last song in the EP “State Of Mind Loosing Mine” by Emily Mayne. Just like the first song, this song felt like an immersive experience that kept me in a cocoon of marvel, the flow of rhythm and the sounds of melody pierced through the very depths of soul, so yes this is the perfect ending. This work of art without hesitation opens with the heartfelt and soul stirring voice of Emily Mayne from the beginning carrying the weight of the lyrics and message of this song with her voice. Her voice came with its perfect partner, the enchanting sounds of the piano and gentle pure strings of the guitar, creating a canvas for Emily Mayne to create magic on.
From the 0:18 timestamp I began to hear the magical and spellbinding sounds of the violin, adding eloquence to this composition. At the 1:27 timestamp the song gained a different feel with the emergence of the deep and reverberating sounds of the bass adding depth to the song. At the 2:02 timestamp I began to hear sub-vocals coming from the walls of the composition creating sweet melodies and elevating the composition to higher heights of sonic admiration. The song reaches a climax at the 3:30 timestamp with intensity building, from the piano, the violin, even the vocals of Emily Mayne creating a shockwave of sounds through the composition and elevating the emotional feel of the entire song, even the added vocals served the purpose of elevating this emotional feel. This song from start to finish by each passing second becomes ever more beautiful, more intense and builds up with emotional feel.
The lyrics and theme of “Hard To Love” also serves as what makes this track the perfect close to the EP and is seen as a gem in the music world, with wordings that feel celestial, the lyrics felt like they were gotten from another dimension cutting through the most dense of emotions and the words of this song moves and pairs beautifully with the instrumentation making it truly perfect. In “Hard To Love” by Emily Mayne, the song delves into the complexity of self-awareness and introspection within a relationship. The lyrics evoke a sense of vulnerability and insecurity, as the singer reflects on the dynamic between themselves and their partner. “Your neck, my head it can’t stay there just wonder what I’ll say or do that makes living easy for you,” encapsulates the internal struggle of feeling inadequate or unable to meet the expectations of the other person.
The refrain “I don’t know why I’m so hard to love” expresses a deep sense of uncertainty and bewilderment that is exacerbated by outside forces. The song’s lyrics highlight a habit of self-destruction and a propensity to take on the weight of the world, which eventually causes people to make up justifications as a coping technique. Despite the recognition of their own flaws, there remains a longing for acceptance and understanding from their partner, underscoring the universal desire for connection and validation within relationships.

Emily Mayne’s debut EP is an incredible display of emotion and artistic skill, demonstrating her limitless creativity and imaginative vision. Every song on the album, from “Happy” with its eerie echoes to “Hard To Love,” with its contemplative depths, takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and atonement. Immersed in the rich melodies of “State of Mind, Losing Mine,” I am reminded of music’s timeless ability to uplift, heal, and inspire people. For those seeking solace in the beauty of sound, I wholeheartedly recommend Emily Mayne’s “State of Mind, Losing Mine.” It is a journey worth embarking on, a symphony of emotion waiting to be discovered.

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