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Originating from the enchanting coastal city of Zadar, Croatia, Seven And Counting began its musical voyage in 2014. Founded by Vinko ‘Rusty’ Baković (rhythm guitar), Daria Baković (backing vocal), and Boško Colić (drums), the band’s formation was driven by sheer curiosity. Rusty, without any formal musical training but a deep-rooted passion for music, questioned the potential of songs he had composed over two decades ago. Could these melodies transcend his living room and resonate with a broader audience?.

Despite changes in the band’s lineup, particularly with the exit of violinist Domagoj Bašić following their first single, the main trio’s vision stayed strong. As the band developed, their connection also grew stronger, uniting over a common passion for music, humor, and mutual admiration for each other’s musical preferences. This collaboration set the foundation for their debut album, “Tonight”.

Credit: Danijel Kolega

Released on March 30th, 2024, “Tonight” showcases Seven And Counting’s diverse musical inspirations. The album features a combination of classic Rock, Blues, Country, and Pop with ten original tracks. This diverse combination produces a sound that is both reminiscent and innovative, reflecting the band members’ variety of musical influences. Each song on the album provides a distinct listening experience, highlighting the band’s range and innovation. Every track on the album is carefully constructed, showing meticulous detail in both the words and the music.

Tonight” delivers a captivating musical adventure from start to finish. The vocals shine with heartfelt emotion and genuineness, and accompanied by a rhythmic musical arrangement that mesmerizes the audience. Every song attests to the band’s dedication to making meaningful music.

Tonight Album Track List:

Keep Me:
The first song on “Tonight” by Seven And Counting, titled “Keep Me,” instantly captivates listeners with its genuine and unfiltered vocal delivery. The song starts with a group of voices singing together, supported by a gentle rhythm in the background. This simple beginning creates a reflective atmosphere, captivating listeners and delving into the emotional heart of the song. As the song continues, the vocals maintain their sincerity and earnestness, evoking a feeling of openness that connects with the listener.
At the 30-second point, “Keep Me” smoothly transitions into a more rhythmic arrangement. The instrumentation becomes more prominent, while a male singer steps forward, bringing richness and power to the music. In spite of this change in dynamics, the song retains its charm, featuring engaging rhythmic music that still holds the listener’s interest. The shift seems organic, boosting the emotional resonance of the song instead of taking away from it.
In terms of lyrics, “Keep Me” is a heartfelt reflection of cherishing memories with a beloved person. Lyrics like “Keep me the moment we once had, keep me the memories we share” highlight the song’s main message of cherishing special times. The song “Keep Me” is relatable and inspiring, allowing listeners to connect emotionally. In general, “Keep Me” serves as a captivating introduction that establishes the tone for the entire album, demonstrating Seven And Counting’s skill in creating music that is emotionally powerful with a rhythmic quality.

I Promise:
“I Promise”
is a captivating song on Seven And Counting’s album “Tonight,” drawing in listeners with its dreamy and reflective melody from the very beginning. The guitar is softly played at the beginning of the song, establishing a whimsical ambiance for what lies ahead. At 18 seconds, the singing starts and echoes the soft sound of the guitar plucks. This gentle opening captivates the audience, encouraging them to become fully engrossed in the peaceful atmosphere of the song.
In the progression of “I Promise”, the instrumentation becomes more prominent as more instruments are added to enhance the song’s texture alongside the guitar. Even with the increase in sound, the vocals continue to be soft, bringing a sense of richness and coziness to the song. However, there’s an alteration in the vocal delivery at the 1:10-minute point. The singing grows in expression and intensity, conveying a heightened sense of emotion and vigor that provides depth to the music’s emotional intricacy.
On the subject of its lyrics, “I Promise” expresses true emotions of love and dedication. The song’s lyrics convey a desire to convey happiness to a loved one and make their aspirations come true, promising to make it appear if given the power to. The idea of enduring love and sacrifice is deeply felt, making “I Promise” a track that connects with listeners on an emotional level. Overall, “I Promise” is a compelling track that highlights Seven And Counting’s expertise in producing introspective tune, which sets it aside as a standout song on the album.

Credit: Danijel Kolega

You Make Me Feel So Young:
The track “You Make Me Feel So Young” brings a vibrant and charming detail to Seven And Counting’s album “Tonight.” The music captivates you from the begin with an infectious rhythm that activates a desire to dance and move. The active beat and colourful melodies evoke a sense of younger electricity and joy, flawlessly encapsulating the song’s message.
Staying loyal to its name, “You Make Me Feel So Young” stays authentic to its promise of invigorating and energizing listeners. The constant rhythm of the music encourages individuals to unwind and absolutely have interaction with the song, permitting the beat to dominate. Whether you are dancing or simply tapping your feet, this song has a special power to boost your spirits and transport you to a place where your age is irrelevant.
In general, the tune “You Make Me Feel So Young” truly embodies the amusing and playful spirit of Seven And Counting’s music. Its infectious rhythm and lively feel make it a superb addition to any music collection, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make you want to dance. You might find yourself hitting the replay button multiple times to enjoy the energetic attraction of this fascinating tune again.

The title track “Tonight”, serves as the closing track of Seven And Counting’s album “Tonight”, and it delivers a powerful conclusion that leaves a lasting impression. The music starts with a richly layered beat that instantly captivates the audience, establishing the tone for what is about to unfold. The vocals seamlessly blend with the rhythm to form a captivating fresh and subtle groove throughout the entire song. This perfect combination of singing and beat creates the mood for a song that is catchy and captivating.
As “Tonight” continues, the music elements continue to elevate the song’s rhythmic charm. The contagious beat strengthens, creating a groove that is irresistible. This song has a knack for captivating listeners and getting them involved in the music. The instruments are expertly made, bringing depth and complexity to the song while still keeping its rhythmic foundation intact.
In summary, the track “Tonight” serves as a rhythmic finale that beautifully connects the album. The catchy beat and captivating singing capture the core of Seven And Counting’s music, making listeners excited to listen to the album again. “Tonight” serves as a suitable conclusion to the album, highlighting the band’s skill, innovation, and love for music through its enticing combination of rhythm, vocals, and instrumentation.

Credit: Danijel Kolega

One notable feature of ‘Tonight’ is the band’s dedication to being genuine. Even though they are self-proclaimed amateurs, Seven And Counting’s love for music is evident in every single note they play. The band tackles each song eagerly and genuinely, imprinting a part of themselves in their music. The authentic passion they have for their work connects with audiences, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the album.

In this album, “Tonight,” Seven And Counting presents an impressive debut while encouraging fans to come along on a musical journey. This album is a must-listen for those seeking genuine, soul-stirring music, with the artists’ true passion evident in every track. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to witness the enchantment of “Tonight”.

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