Trevour Amunga

Trevour Amunga Unveils ‘Akira’s Blues’ EP: A Deep Dive Into The Soulful Depth Of Resilience

Introducing Trevour Amunga, a rising artist coming from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, United States. Taking cues from artists like Kendrick Lamar, OutKast, Sade, and Young Thug, Trevour incorporates a distinctive mix of influences to create his own original sound. Ever since starting his musical journey in 2015, Trevour has been carefully honing…

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Dominick Raffaele

Dominick Raffaele Unveils ‘Damaged’: A Chronicle Of Emotional Turmoil Through Love, Loss, And Self-Discovery

Dominick Raffaele, an artist from New York, creates music that serves as a refuge for both himself and his audience. He started his musical journey as a way to heal himself personally during a difficult time, resorting to music when he had tried everything else. Raffaele believes that music is the best form of therapy,…

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Emily Mayne’s Soulful Melodies: “State Of Mind Loosing Mine”

In the lively streets of London, where musical talent thrives, Emily Mayne stands out—a talented pianist, singer, and songwriter whose heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies have gained global acclaim. Inspired by icons like Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, Emily Mayne’s musical journey started with a passion for crafting beautiful songs. Through her artistry, she turns…

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