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Few performers in the large music industry possess the grace and genuineness that Tally Koren offers on stage. The music of London-based musician Tally Koren has a timeless elegance and a deep emotional profundity. Her poignant compositions and unique vocals have distinguished her entry into the music industry. Through her engaging performances, she has won critical acclaim and a devoted following throughout the years. In her early career, Koren experimented with several different artistic mediums, but music was the one that truly captured her attention.

Her distinctive voice and deep songwriting skills started to help her establish a reputation. Her ability and perseverance did not go unnoticed; in 2023, she performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and won praise from critics for her passionate delivery and well-composed songs. She has a remarkable history as an independent artist. Showcasing her adaptability and wide appeal, Tally Koren has appeared at esteemed locations such the House of Lords, the National Arboretum, and the Royal Albert Hall.

Her prominence in the industry has been further cemented by her noteworthy television appearances on Virgin Media, London Live, and BBC Radio 2. As varied as Tally Koren’s music is, so are her influences. Leonard Cohen’s lyrical poetry and Nick Cave’s evocative soundscapes serve as sources of inspiration for her. Her art clearly shows these inspirations, since it frequently deals with themes of human experience, love, and reflection. Working with well-known producers like Yoad Nevo and Nick Woolfson has enhanced her sound and made it possible for her to slickly combine modern electronic music with classical components.

Credit: Chris Lopez

Released on May 6th, 2024, “The Downtempo Experience” is Tally Koren’s most recent release—a breathtaking EP that whisks listeners away to a place where music is both a revelation and a haven. Koren’s ability to craft complex storylines and opulent soundscapes that evoke strong emotions is demonstrated by this compilation of seven tracks. Described as having a “classic sound that makes you feel like you’re being transported back in time to another era of music where everything was more straightforward, yet more profound,” Koren’s new EP encapsulates this essence perfectly.

Each track on “The Downtempo Experience” is a carefully crafted piece that allows Koren’s ethereal voice to float effortlessly above the electronic textures, providing a truly epic auditory experience. From the reflective cover of “What Was I Made For?” to the nostalgic rendition of the 80s hit “Sweetest Smile,” the EP showcases Koren’s versatility and depth. The downtempo production style creates a serene and immersive atmosphere, making it an ideal soundtrack for moments of introspection and relaxation.

Highlights of the EP include “Let It Shine,” a track with a sound reminiscent of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, which was featured in the film “The Man Who Sold The World” screened at Cannes. The focal track “Wake Up My Child,” remixed by UK electronic producer Nick Woolfson, brings a modern twist to Satie’s “Gnossiennes,” blending classical and contemporary elements. “1000 Dreams,” produced by Yoad Nevo, adds another layer of sophistication to the EP, with its dreamy and uplifting production.

The Downtempo Experience EP Track List:

Beside Me:
I was instantly engulfed in a sound that seemed both epic and personal as soon as I hit play on “Beside Me,” off Tally Koren’s EP “The Downtempo Experience.” The first synths laid the groundwork for the rest of the song, giving me a gentle tingle in my ears. I was immediately taken aback by the exquisite beauty of the song when Koren’s beautiful voice joined the serene piano. The bass’s flowing low notes and the beats’ soft beginnings produced a beautiful background that was both calming and enthralling.
As the song progressed, I could feel the rhythmic elements becoming more pronounced. The drumbeat’s pulse grew stronger, and the bass’s deep essence became even more compelling. The piano’s gentle embrace remained constant, while the harmonizing vocals added layers of depth and richness to the sound. The way these elements intertwined created a rhythmic flow that was unique—calm yet groovy, sophisticated yet approachable. This seamless blend of calmness and groove is what makes “Beside Me” stand out as a truly exceptional track.
Listening to “Beside Me” was a mesmerizing experience. The track’s consistent energy maintained a perfect balance, neither too hard nor too soft, resulting in a chilled vibe that was utterly engaging. It’s rare to find a song that can transport you to a state of peaceful reflection while also keeping you rhythmically anchored. “Beside Me” achieves this with its sophisticated melody and diversified rhythm, marking it as a true masterpiece in Tally Koren’s already impressive repertoire.

What Was I Made For:
The song “What Was I Made For” from Tally Koren’s EP “The Downtempo Experience” is incredibly compelling due to its simplicity and genuine essence. I find myself lured in by the piano’s gentle embrace and the guitar’s ethereal beauty as soon as the song starts. Soft, slow-paced rhythms that resemble peaceful lullabies are created by the music’s tranquil percussion sounds, which also offer a calming layer to the composition. The lyrics are sung with a serene, graceful ease that strikes a chord with me as soon as Koren’s lovely voice appears.
As the song progresses, the addition of charming backup vocals adds an extra layer of elegance to the track. The instrumentals maintain their tranquil quality throughout, allowing Koren’s vocals to shine against the serene backdrop. Each passing moment seems to enhance the song’s beauty, with the delicate interplay between the piano and guitar creating a majestic and harmonious soundscape. This balance of simplicity and sophistication makes the song both beautiful and profound.
After listening to “What Was I Made For,” I’m left with a calm sense of contemplation. The smooth melody and constant beat of the song stay with me, providing a little peace in an otherwise hectic environment. The track’s ethereal aspect is what makes it so unique; it’s serene, lovely, and amazing. In addition to showcasing her singing prowess, Tally Koren has written a song that is incredibly touching to listen to.

Credit: Chris Lopez

When I first listened to “Sand” from Tally Koren’s EP “The Downtempo Experience,” I was immediately struck by its soft groove and laid-back energy. The song opens with the sweet embrace of sustained piano chords, setting a serene foundation. The elegant interplay of guitar strings adds a layer of sophistication, with the piano providing a sustainable layer and the guitar driving the rhythm forward. Koren’s voice, delicate and pure, enters like a gentle whisper, weaving through the instrumentals with a tender and luminous quality.
As the song progresses, the rhythm begins to evolve, becoming more mature and profound. The percussive feel of the drum beat slowly creeps in, enhancing the track’s groove without overpowering it. The deep, majestic flow of the bass emerges, complementing the piano’s delicate base. The guitar strings continue to propel the song forward, harmonizing beautifully with the subtle yet powerful drum beat. This transition is akin to a metamorphosis, with each element coming together to create a sound that feels both divine and astral.
“Sand” had me in awe of its majestic flow and smooth groove by the end. The song never wavers from its easygoing attitude, keeping its soft, fun vibe throughout. “Sand” is a great standout on “The Downtempo Experience” because of its distinct rhythmic and peaceful combination. The song has an entrancing and calming tone due to the combination of its inventive rhythm and its delicate, clean melody. Not only is Tally Koren’s composition delightful to listen to, but it also demonstrates her talent to write songs that genuinely speak to their audience.

Tally Koren’s “The Downtempo Experience” is a superb fusion of deep lyricism and tranquil soundscapes. Every song invites the listener to delve into complex themes and profound emotions. An EP that is both classic and modern is produced by combining Koren’s voice with skillful production and deliberate cooperation. Swing to “Sand’s” soft beat and lose yourself in the soothing embrace of “What Was I Made For.” The combination of Tally Koren’s lovely voice and intricate melodies creates a captivating experience. Don’t pass this up—tune in to “The Downtempo Experience” and let the music to soothe and uplift your day.

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