Double Triangle’s Unveils An Harmonic Elegance In ‘Haberdashery’ And ‘Brenda Double’

Double Triangle

Double Triangle, an innovative artist from Harlow, UK, seamlessly blending roles as a music producer and motion designer. Influenced by icons like Vince Clarke and Depeche Mode while growing up in Essex, this 1991 2-star PE award winner’s musical journey began with early piano lessons, leading to experimentation with sounds on a 4-track setup since age 9. With a familial connection to a grandfather who served musical legends like Dave Gilmour and Kate Bush, Double Triangle’s diverse influences span Erasure to genres like Synthwave, Chillwave, and Dreamwave, amid a career journey encompassing roles at Ninja Tune, Hydrogen Dukebox, and the BBC, all while navigating intriguing experiences, ultimately showcasing an unwavering commitment to music.

Double Triangle

Double Triangle, a multifaceted artist, unveils an exceptional musical endeavor with the release of “Haberdashery and Brenda Double”. This original singles, released on December 1st, 2023, showcases Double Triangle’s prowess in composition and execution. “Haberdashery” presents an instrumental journey rich in dynamic transitions and nuanced layers, while “Brenda” pays homage through a collaborative melodic narrative that resonates with emotive depth.

Haberdashery” by Double Triangle is a testament to the artist’s prowess in creating instrumental masterpieces. Written primarily as a piano piece, the song undergoes meticulous crafting, emphasizing chord progressions and melodies before any synthesizers or digital audio workstations (DAWs) are introduced. Double Triangle draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, spanning from French electronica legends of the ‘70s and ‘80s like Jean-Michel Jarre (JMJ), Vangelis, and Didier Marouani to more contemporary acts like Röyksopp, Todd Terje, Lindstrom.

The track unfolds as a mesmerizing instrumental journey, devoid of vocals yet rich in storytelling through its evolving rhythms and transitions. The opening captivates with a deliberate and measured composition that gradually intensifies. At 0:54, a dynamic shift occurs, introducing a pounding beat that injects weight and depth into the music. This alteration in rhythm adds texture and solidity to the composition, drawing the listener deeper into its evolving narrative.

Continuing its journey, the track surprises at 1:31 with the introduction of a meticulously crafted synth, seamlessly blending with the established beat. The synergy between the heavy beat and the sweet, ethereal synth demonstrates the song’s ability to speak volumes through its instrumental elements. The transitions between these elements signify a dialogue within the music, showcasing its ability to convey emotions and narrative without the need for lyrics.

The track’s complexity shines as it navigates through various musical phases. At 2:07, the synth takes a step back, returning the composition to its original essence. However, this calm is short-lived as the intriguing synth resurfaces at 2:43, alternating its prominence with the sharp synth until the 3:07 mark. These fluctuations in sound and texture highlight the artist’s mastery in orchestrating a captivating sonic experience.

Double Triangle

The unexpected closure of the song, employing a fast-paced backward playback effect, adds a final element of surprise. It’s a bold departure from the anticipated conclusion, showcasing the artist’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries within the instrumental realm.

In summary, “Haberdashery” stands as an instrumental masterpiece meticulously crafted to reflect the unique musical vision of Double Triangle. Its ability to traverse diverse sonic landscapes, evoke emotions, and tell a compelling narrative solely through instrumentation speaks volumes about the artist’s skill and creativity.

Brenda” by Double Triangle stands as a heartfelt tribute and a collaboration blending the artist’s past and present. Inspired by his late Nan Brenda, Double Triangle revisits a piece he began at the tender age of 9, seeing it as a fitting homage to her memory, especially given that her birthday coincides with the release date. This song represents a collaboration between the artist as a child and an adult, maintaining the original melodies from his childhood creation while infusing a new section that came to him more recently, almost spiritually, at the piano.

The composition, spanning a mere 1:56 minutes, defies its brevity by encapsulating a beautiful melodic journey. Rather than conforming to conventional vocal styles, the song utilizes vocals in a harmonious, supportive manner, weaving an enchanting and hypnotic melody that complements the piano’s soothing and relaxed opening. The vocals don’t dominate but rather enhance the overall rhythm and aura established by the piano, creating an alluring synergy that captivates listeners from start to finish. Together, the piano and vocals create a musical tapestry, evoking emotions and drawing the audience into a mesmerizing experience that holds their attention until the final notes fade away.

The collaboration with singer and composer Madil Hardis adds a layer of depth and emotion to the song, with her contribution weaving a lovely vocal melody that beautifully intertwines with the original piano melody. This collaboration represents a fusion of past and present, a tribute to the artist’s roots while incorporating fresh elements that elevate the composition to a new level.

In the instrumental version of “Brenda,” devoid of vocals, the piano takes center stage, setting the foundation for the composition. Here, the seamless interaction between the piano and accompanying elements draws attention, allowing the listener to focus solely on the instrumental nuances. Notably, at the 1:13-minute mark, the song undergoes a rhythmic shift, intensifying its hypnotic allure and lightening the melody, showcasing the artist’s ability to create subtle yet impactful transitions within the instrumental landscape.

Double Triangle

In essence, “Brenda” encapsulates an emotional journey, paying homage to a cherished figure while showcasing Double Triangle’s evolution as an artist. The song’s ability to evoke nostalgia, blend past and present, and deliver a profound musical experience through both vocals and instrumentals speaks volumes about the artist’s skill and creativity. “Brenda” in both its vocal and instrumental versions promises an enchanting journey worth exploring.

Each song offers a distinct experience, reflecting the ability of Double Triangle to craft sonic landscapes that evoke profound emotions and captivate listeners in unique ways. The dual release of “Haberdashery and Brenda Double” invites listeners on a journey of emotive melodies and intricately crafted compositions. These masterpieces promise an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries, inviting you to delve deeper into the artist’s captivating sonic world.

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