Ireland’s Navan is home to beloved singer and songwriter Davie Furey. Davie Furey composes songs that are profound touching and lasting Great singers like Van Morrison Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan inspire Davie Furey He is admired by fans all over for his traditional and unique career. He is known in Ireland as a beloved musician for his powerful shows and memorable songs After touring with the renowned Paul Brady in 2023 Davie had a busy year Now he is getting ready for his first headline tour of Ireland in five years which will begin on April 5 2024 at the Wexford Arts Theatre

Throughout his career Davie Furey has been recognized with honors like nominations for Best Irish Folk Artist at The Hot Press Awards and numerous nominations for Best Newcomer Best Male Artist and Best Irish Solo Act at The Pure M Awards highlighting his influence on the music industry and dedication to his craft. A genuine connection to his audience and an unrelenting passion to his work are what drive audiences to Davie’s concerts which are highly anticipated by those who can’t wait to see him live.


Davie Furey has received great praise for his poignant compositions and engaging performances over the course of his successful career Both reviewers and fans have given his earlier albums “Easy Come Easy Go” and “Haunted Streets” high marks. Davie’s position as a true light in the Irish music scene has been cemented by the appreciation of notable individuals like Jeremy Irons and respected performers like Donovan and Christy Moore With his poignant lyrics and soul-stirring songs Davie captivates listeners with his distinct storytelling and melody blend at every performance

As Davie Furey gets ready to head out on his first headline tour of Ireland in half a decade interest in his newest release “Glimpses of the Truth” is growing Featuring nine original pieces that highlight Davie’s unmatched storytelling abilities and melodic elegance this highly anticipated album is set to be released on March 22nd 2024 Proceeding from the triumph of his earlier compositions. “Glimpses of the Truth” is poised to be a revolutionary musical voyage singles such as “Stargazer” “Downtown Parade” and “History” are already at the top of the charts and winning over listeners all over the world With the likes of Stuart Gray and Steve Milne on board Davie Furey’s most recent record is sure to make a lasting impression on the history of Irish music

The songs that would be available on the album after release include

  1. History
  2. Downtown Parade
  3. Stargazer
  4. Long Black Coat
  5. The Exile Blues
  6. Where She Hides
  7. Not The Man You Used To Know
  8. Walking Contradiction
  9. Heaven Can Wait

What can I say Davie Furey what can I say You have left me at a complete loss for words How do I begin to explain the emotional impact of “Stargazer” in the album “Glimpses Of The Truth” by Davie Furey Every album needs a song that is an ocean of emotions and for the album “Glimpses Of The Truth” this is that song This emotive masterpiece starts with the pulsing beats of the drum pulsating through the composition acting as its heart and at the 0:06 timestamp magic began with the strings of the rhythm guitar its beauty is was beyond comprehension and it was soulful to the core piercing through the very depths of my soul At the 0:18 timestamp I heard the emotive and mellow voice of Davie Furey coming in like a gentle breeze blowing past my ears carrying the lyrics with profound depth At the 0:45 timestamp I felt a subtle but evocative change this change was brought by an intriguing change in the pulsing pattern of the drum beats and the emergence of the enchanting and spellbinding sounds of the piano hinting a shift in the emotional plane of this composition From the 1:10 timestamp the resounding and deep sounds of the bass became more profound adding a feeling of intense depth to the song This song undergoes diverse subtle and emotional changes as it progresses but Davie Furey never stopped flowing with the rhythm of the instrumentation the dance between the vocals of Davie Furey and the instrumentation was profound pure and genuine The melody of this song was sweet not just to my ears but to my soul the rhythm danced with pleasures in my heart and the tempo flowed like streams of wonders
“Stargazer” by Davie Furey delves deeper into the profound longing and devotion depicted in the lyrics The narrator’s plea to be taken to wherever their loved one may be depicted in the line “Take me to where you are wherever that may be” underscores the depth of their yearning for connection and reunion As they gaze at the stars the celestial bodies seem to echo their sentiments reflecting back the intensity of their emotions The acknowledgment that “love is all I have the only thing I miss” accentuates the central theme of the song — the all-encompassing power of love to shape and define one’s existence The willingness to forsake everything for one more kiss illustrates the profound depth of their commitment and desire The line “Your love’s a razor call me stargazer” appears repeatedly throughout the song reinforcing the idea that love has the power to transcend boundaries and provide brightness to even the darkest of nights “Stargazer” is essentially a moving tribute to the eternal power of love and the search for connection amid the vastness of the cosmos
This song’s emotional flow which is buried deep in the lyrics and instrumentation is what elevates it to the highest level Its ocean of feelings and the waves they produce are what make it so great It seems as though each instrument recognizes the complexity of the piece and skillfully melds with the others to create perfection At the 3:15 timestamp the song’s emotional ocean reached a climax when female angelic voices appeared from the background singing the line “call me stargazer” Not only that but the voices also sounded like celestial bodies harmonizing a sound providing the ideal ending for the song It was very epic.

Downtown Parade:
The first line of the song “Downtown Parade” in the album “Glimpses Of The Truth” by Davie Furey says “Driving through the city” and this line couldn’t have been more correct and you want to know why This is the kind of song that’s on your car stereo when you’re driving and you’re feeling introspective I know this because I experienced it firsthand it’s that song you put on when you’re on a highway that keeps you focused yet in deep thought This introspective work of art begins with a flawless collaboration of sounds to create a harmonious melody it was the combination of the captivating sounds of the piano the celestial strings of the guitar with light and soft percussion sounds creating the canvas for this magic of a song to unfold At the 0:17 timestamp the soulful vocals of Davie Furey came into the mix bearing the lyrics by heart and speaking to my soul directly
Also at the 1:00 timestamp a shift occured in the composition of the song with the introduction of the mildly groovy sound of the drum beats and the reverberating sounds of the bass and this shift made way for a beautiful and enchanting female vocals carrying the lyrics this time with profound elegance At the 1:17 timestamp I heard the high pitched sound of synth adding a style of the flare to the overall feel of the song at intervals and at the 1:37 timestamp I could hear ethereal sounds from within the shadows of the song adding elegance and magnificence to the song and this also happened at intervals this ethereal sounds were created by celestial vocals harmonizing a single sound The soulful voice of Davie Furey and the angelic female voice danced beautifully together during the course of the song to form the perfect symphonic duo At the 3:00 timestamp I heard the soft but high pitched male vocal falsetto going “parade parade” this voice added a level of eloquence to the already magnificence of the song Overall this track was created with pure intent for perfection
“Downtown Parade” by Davie Furey encapsulates the vibrant tapestry of life found in the heart of the city The lyrics unfold like a poetic narrative depicting the downtown parade as a microcosm of human experience Within the bustling streets dreams intertwine with reality where “dreams are lost and dreams are made” illustrating the unpredictable journey of life Hearts undergo a tremendous shift amidst the clamor of urban life as indicated by the phrases “hearts are healed and hearts are slayed” which mimic the emotional intricacies inherent in the human condition “Downtown Parade” is a somber reflection on the turmoil and beauty found in the city’s core allowing listeners to think on the complexities of life in the middle of a busy urban scene with its evocative visuals and reflective tone
The composition and instrumentation of Davie Furey’s “Downtown Parade” are what make it truly outstanding The song features an exquisite arrangement of instruments that mix together flawlessly to create an entrancing beat that mesmerizes the listener The masterful blending of different musical elements and the captivating voices harmonizing in unison produce a symphony that surpasses typical limitations The flawless blending of voices and instruments takes “Downtown Parade” to a new level of musical brilliance giving rise to a genuinely remarkable composition that strikes a chord with listeners.

“History” in the album “Glimpses Of The Truth” by Davie Furey isn’t just a song it’s a chant it’s an anthem it’s a call to action and you know what it’s all this and more the instrumental feel of this song also exudes energy that transcends the confines of mere collection of sound the lyrics come out with genuineity and authenticity This transcendent piece opens up with the pulsating and reverberating beat of the drum the sounds were more of a call to action like a boys brigade coming out for a match this captivating begining is followed by the spirited chords of the guitar and then the overwhelmingly evocative sounds of the piano not just that the echoing sounds of the bass was pulsing within the walls of the composition
The fusion of all these elements and instrumentation created the perfect anthem setting creating the ideal canvas for this song to unfold on At the 0:25 timestamp I heard the zealous and unique voice of Davie Furey carrying the lyrics on his shoulders and surfing the instrumentation with precision and finesse At the 0:53 timestamp there was a change that increased the emotive feel of the song the song went on a little intensity rampage with the introduction of celestial background vocals chanting “oh oh oh” This particular phenomenon didn’t just occur ones in he song it was a repeated occurrence creating both suspense and intrigue within the song This song was incredibly composed from the unique instrumentation to the dynamic rhythm, the tempo was consistent despite the shift in patterns of the instrumentation the melody created within this composition is a course on it own that needs to be studied it’s a magic only Davie Furey can create
“History” by Davie Furey encapsulates a fervent rallying cry for embracing the future while seizing the present moment with unyielding determination The lyrics implore listeners to stand tall and keep their eyes wide open as they are ushered into a realm where truth reigns supreme The song boldly proclaims that now is the time for those who are prepared to leave their mark, telling others who disagree with them to move aside and say “If you’re not with me, get out of the way because my friends today’s our day” The chorus “It’s our time it’s our time, it’s our time to make a bit of history” resounds loudly turning the song into a powerful anthem for embracing the opportunity to leave one’s stamp on history “History” inspires listeners to embrace their collective power to determine their own destiny and leave a lasting impression on the globe with its passionate call to action and everlasting hope
This song’s most prominent sections happened from the 1:54 to 2:11 and again from 3:22 to 4:10 timestamps The instrumentation really came to the fore during these intervals and the dance between them is nothing short of incredible The guitar’s rhythmic dance the piano’s soulful chords, the drumming’s energetic and pulsating sounds even the sophisticated synths’ sounds, the deep bass sounds—every little detail created a symphony that left me speechless and on the edge I felt the thrill of music during these timestamps and the instrumentation turned into the music itself.

As Davie Furey’s album “Glimpses of the Truth” draws closer it encourages listeners to delve into the complexities of human emotions and experiences Through each track Davie’s storytelling prowess and melodic talent take us on a profound journey of self-reflection and understanding Every song on the album possesses a profound and authentic feeling The official release date for the album is March 22nd,2024 Until then audiences are encouraged to savor its deep melodies and reflective words Come along with Davie Furey on this journey of transformational music and discover the eternal lessons weaved throughout “Glimpses of the Truth”

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