British singer Emily Gray reveals her latest single “Chronic”

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Today November 18, 2022, British singer-songwriter Emily Gray has  just released her new single, “Chronic,” from Tortosa, Catalonia, in Spain. The song is an outward manifestation of Emily’s battle with a recently identified chronic condition. Just before she moved from the UK to Spain in 2019, Emily developed a medical condition. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time because she was still applying for medical insurance in her new country of residence. Emily thought that because of a global pandemic that started purely for good measure, she would never get the help she needed. Fortunately, a few weeks into The Lockdown, Emily received the call that would eventually lead to her being identified as having Crohn’s disease and allowing her to begin the therapy that allowed her to live a fairly “normal” life. 

Emily claims that “Chronic,” her new single, accurately captures her shock at getting ill and discovering she has Crohn’s disease so soon after moving to a new country and starting a new life. she also talks about how she dealt with having Crohn’s disease in the new song, pointing out that while unexpected obstacles can happen to anyone occasionally in life, conquering them is what makes us unique and resilient and defines how we choose to create our own futures. According to Emily, she puts all of her feelings into her music in the hopes that it will help others relate to it and feel less alone in the world. The new release “Chronic” was built around a live performance to emphasize the honesty of the raw emotions it expresses. Emily’s powerful guitar and distinctive vocals are supported by layers of spectral harmonies, which enhance the pathos of her thought-provoking lyrics. A finger-picked guitar riff introduces the first line of the song “Chronic.” Emily introduces the song with a phrase that establishes the mood:

“Some days I’ll feel a little bit more tired,

Some days I’ll feel a little bit more blue.

Some days will be a little bit more painful.

But every day from now, will be with you.”

Emily Gray "Chronic"
Emily Gray “Chronic”

The recurrence of the lyrics in this stanza both draws attention to the recurring nature of Emily’s anguish in the months before her diagnosis and alludes to the repetition of therapies and doctor appointments for the rest of her life. Emily personifies her illness, giving the audience a glimpse into the intricate and complex connection that will emerge as Emily adjusts to her new reality. This song was written, recorded, and produced by Emily herself with the intention of giving a truthful, accurate reflection of her emotions at the moment. Emily’s expressive voice, which spans from hushed, whispery falsetto to massive, belted notes that encourage the sorrow of her experience to take center stage, evokes a wide range of emotions. The live vocal enables the listener to connect more deeply with these feelings.

Scott Shaw and Harvey Bunda, two known musicians who collaborated with British singer-songwriter Emily Gray, praised her for her beautiful voice and stellar performance. Emily recently worked with musician and collaborator Scott Shaw on a new tune, according to him, “her vocals breathed such life into the track, I cannot be more pleased with how much she elevated the song.” Harvey Bunda, another collaborator, and art director commented on how unique the artist’s voice is, he also specified how inspirational his music journey has been collaborating with Emily “an absolute gem that holds glimmers of inspiration.” Harvey Bunda says. 

Emily Gray "Chronic"
Emily Gray “Chronic”

In more than ten years that Emily has been creating and playing music, she has gradually improved her musical approach. Emily established a distinct accent and vocal approach after winning two singing competitions that allowed her personality and emotions to come through in her music (The Voice of Suffolk in 2019 and The Honest Vocal Coach Singing Competition in 2020). Listeners easily recognize Emily’s music as having a distinct British folk/singer-songwriter style, and they anticipate a blend of harmonies, powerful vocals, and original lyrics.

‘Chronic’ the new single is now available on all major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Youtube.

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