Kelsie Kimberlin releases her new Latin commercial pop hit “Fruit Basket”

Kelsie Kimberlin, a talented Pop Queen, releases her chart-topping single “Fruit Basket”, which talks about hope and happiness for everyone who cares about humanity.

The ambitious and talented Kelsie Kimberlin has quickly made a name for herself through a dozen releases. Having released her debut single, “Lobotomy,” in 2020, she’s already shared over a dozen more releases while recording more than 150 original songs with half a dozen music videos. The music industry is widely known for its cutthroat disposition and always-on mentality, making it tough to get to the top and even harder to stay there. For the ambitious and talented 22-year-old Kelsie Kimberlin, she is a natural for business. Her 2020 debut, “Lobotomy,” addresses people’s growing tendency to forgo critical thinking; she made musical audiences flock to her expressed perspectives on society and her rooted authenticity, ever-present in each single. The pop-anthem connoisseur and queen, Kelsie Kimberlin, has just dropped yet another one of her addictive, dance-driven singles, “Fruit Basket,” which offers a great deal more. The single was dropped on November 30, 2022, and with emphatic beats and fun vocals, the track is thoroughly enjoyable. 

Fruit Basket” is brimming with zeal and drive, and it is on par with her creative, fertile production as well as her determination to achieve success. It originates from a place that contains a variety of feelings and experiences, and the fact that she is an original has led to her development into a very self-assured artist. She has a tendency to offer opinions on society and thoughts about actual life, and this song tends to carry a variety of thrilling messages with it. Her silky and bouncy vocal quality gives a delightful burst of musical vibrancy, and the song’s composers mix components that are both charming and lively.

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At just 22 years old, Kimberlin has a beautiful flair and immutable confidence that drive her songs to be a raging hit! It is impressive to see how her songs are all movements of energy that you cannot ignore. The artist is known to use her powerful vocals and magnetic compositions to bring out issues and themes that affect humanity. We see it in her singles, “Lobotomy”, and “American Guns.” She also delves into the emotional aspects of humans and makes beautiful compositions about love, beauty, travel, and other themes. Stylized Latin beats and acoustics manifest a tropical backdrop that we can’t help but vibe to. And when combined with the free-spirited passion of the vocals, the song gets us in a smooth groove and a merry headspace. The vintage Latin allure of the song makes it perfect for some holiday jiving. Weaved into the pop verses are exotic, smoky baskets of Spanish vocals and accents that beautifully tie into the aesthetic of the song. 

The Ukrainian-American singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Kelsie Kimberlin pairs up with the suave stylings of Colombian singer-songwriter and producer Pedro Vengoechea for the uplifting new single and music video “Fruit Basket.” Being Ukrainian-American, Kelsie Kimberlin says this is her song of “hope and happiness for everyone who cares about humanity,” which is on par with her fruitful, ingenious output and eagerness to succeed. Ultimately, Kimberlin is not just a singer by craft; she engages in every part of her art—writing, recording, performing, and shooting videos—epitomizing what it means to be an artist with creativity at the core of her personality. 

Kimberlin’s love for Latin music shines in this upbeat, feel-good track. Her smooth and spritely vocal timbre adds a welcomed splash of sonic color coinciding with the vibrant culture, which Colombian singer and producer Pedro Vengoechea also matches in his Spanish lyrical delivery. Together, they embrace the genre’s style, as classical guitar playing and driving drum beats further the distinctive musical aesthetic. Pedro Vengoechea’s swagger blends so nicely with Kimberlin’s easygoing spirit, telling audiences to live life to the fullest and appreciate the little things that make it all worth it. Despite the world’s ongoing challenges and horrors, Kimberlin shines a light of happiness and hope for a better today and tomorrow. Despite the horrors of the war in Ukraine, Kelsie Kimberlin wants to show the world that they’re living life to the fullest by celebrating love, family, friends, and the simple things in life. Due to the song’s Latin feel, Kelsie Kimberlin traveled to Cartagena, Colombia, to film the video. This video has everything from the brightly painted street walls to the multicolored flags and the famous Palenqueras in their vibrant colors with fruit baskets on their heads. Kelsie Kimberlin and Pedro Vengoechea bring the best of vibes to the song and music video, and their creative chemistry is undeniable. The many party scenes and oceanside drone shots give this video a larger-than-life sensation, encompassing the happiness of life’s little moments and the people who make them happen. It’s a refreshing new music video that will lift listeners far and wide. 

Every frame of “Fruit Basket” takes full advantage of the mesmeric beauty and vivid hues of Cartagena, Colombia. From the brightly painted city walls to the multicolored flags and umbrellas hanging between them, there is no better destination for Kimberlin’s celebration of life and its inherent marvels. Of course, fruit baskets are plentiful and are worn on the heads of the local Palenqueras dancing in the streets, too. Overall, no detail is left untouched throughout this captivating performance, with joy exuding from Kimberlin’s visuals. The new song touches on a variety of topics, many of which are directly applicable to the artist’s personal experiences. Each individual line conveys a distinct meaning. Get drilled in with this hit single. Fruit Basket is available on Spotify now.

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