CRONAM, also known as Patrick Eiflers, embarked on his musical journey as a turntablist back in the 1990s. Over the years, his original underground style has evolved into a unique amalgamation of various genres, spanning contemporary Bass Music like Dubstep, IDM, DNB, and Techno. His distinctive sound is crafted using a diverse range of tools, including Modular Synthesizers (Eurorack), Drum Machines, Turntablism & Scratching, Samplers, and the occasional use of E-Drums. He draws inspiration from artists like Mala, Dj Distance, Pinch, D Styles, Commodo, and SP:MC.

In addition to his solo work, CRONAM is an active member of several musical collectives in Berlin. He’s part of “Forms of Entrophy,” a band that combines modular synths, turntablism, sampling, finger-drumming, and keys to deliver contemporary bass music, touching upon genres like deep dubstep, DnB, breaks, and hip-hop. He’s also involved with the “Heuristics Berlin” Crew, known for organizing electronic music events in Berlin, and the “Substrata” DJ collective, a group of diverse creative talents based in the city.


CRONAM’s dedication to live performance and his ability to blend different electronic music crafts make him a distinctive and influential figure in Berlin’s music scene.

CRONAM’sDecompression” EP, released on September 27th, 2023, is a compelling soundscape that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. This EP is a testament to CRONAM’s unique approach to music production, expertly blending a multitude of genres and techniques to create an auditory journey that transcends the ordinary.

The EP immediately envelops the listener in a world of sound. It’s evident that CRONAM’s production expertise shines through as he carefully constructs layers of textures and atmospheres. “Decompression” is more than a collection of tracks; it’s an immersive experience that allows the audience to delve deep into the artist’s creative process.

Decompression EP Track List:

a standout track within the EP of the same name by CRONAM, seamlessly fits within the deep dubstep genre. This track serves as a testament to the artist’s deep experimentation and creativity. Before giving birth to “Decompression,” CRONAM found himself deep within a labyrinth of musical experimentation, exploring the intricacies of Eurorack, turntablism, and other innovative techniques. This track is the culmination of his sonic experiments, a result of the need to release the creative pressure that had been building.
As “Decompression” begins, it expertly sets the stage for a captivating journey. Suspense fills the air as the track opens, drawing the listener into its sonic realm. A drumbeat in the background serves as the foundation for the impending sonic adventure, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. The fusion of elements like modular synths, turntablism, and drum machines becomes immediately apparent, creating an intricate and multifaceted soundscape.
Decompression” is a testament to CRONAM’s ability to create an atmosphere that’s both suspenseful and dynamic. It’s a track that showcases his prowess in blending different music production techniques, ultimately resulting in a unique sonic experience. This track, like the entire EP, takes the listener on a journey through uncharted musical territory, setting the stage for the innovative soundscape that “Decompression” has to offer.

By All Means:
“By All Means,”
the final track on CRONAM’s “Decompression” EP, is a masterful piece that takes the listener on a thrilling journey through suspense and rhythmic transformation. As the EP’s closing act, this track opens with an intensely suspenseful atmosphere, setting the stage for a dramatic finale. The heartbeat-like sound, intricately woven into the instrumental, adds to the sense of anticipation.
The track masterfully builds on this suspenseful foundation, gradually introducing beats that step with precision. The background retains its suspenseful aura, creating a tension that keeps the listener engaged. However, it’s at the 1:15-minute mark that “By All Means” undergoes a striking transformation. The track transitions from its suspenseful soundtrack to a more intense and hard-hitting beat, marking a pivotal moment in the song’s narrative. This shift is a testament to CRONAM’s ability to craft sonic experiences that are both intricate and powerful, making “By All Means” a masterpiece in its own right.
By All Means” is a captivating and dynamic conclusion to the “Decompression” EP. It showcases the artist’s talent for creating sonic tension and suspense, ultimately releasing it in a crescendo of beats and energy. This track, with its dramatic transformation, leaves a lasting impact, making it a fitting conclusion to an EP that is defined by its innovative soundscapes and boundary-pushing music production.

At the core of the EP lies the extensive use of modular synthesizers. CRONAM leverages the power of modular synthesis to craft intricate soundscapes that feel like uncharted territory. The flexibility of modular synths allows him to mold and manipulate sounds in ways that transcend traditional electronic music, creating an auditory experience that feels both experimental and avant-garde.

Throughout “Decompression,” CRONAM’s rhythmic complexity shines through. The EP is a testament to his ability to create intricate and hypnotic rhythms, thanks in part to his adept use of e-drums and samplers. The fusion of these elements adds depth and dynamism to the tracks, making each one a compelling journey through evolving rhythms and beats.

CRONAM’s turntablism skills serve as a distinctive texture within the EP. Subtle scratches and transitions add a layer of sophistication to the music, further highlighting the artist’s versatility. The way he blends these techniques seamlessly into the sonic landscape is a testament to his craftsmanship.


Decompression” transcends traditional genre boundaries. It skillfully navigates the realms of dubstep, IDM, and techno, creating a sound that’s uniquely its own. CRONAM’s dedication to pushing boundaries is palpable in the EP’s genre-fluid approach, and it’s evident that he’s driven by a desire to explore uncharted musical territory.

In conclusion, “Decompression” by CRONAM is more than an EP; it’s an auditory adventure. The artist’s masterful use of modular synths, rhythmic complexity, and turntablism skills results in a profound and innovative sonic experience. This EP is a testament to the artist’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and a must-listen for anyone seeking a deep, immersive, and genre-defying musical journey.

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