Lord Sonny the Unifier releases his new alternative rock sound

Don’t be an asshole”, a sensational and psychedelic rock master-piece by Brooklyn-bases rock band Lord Sonny the Unifier 

Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Lord Sonny the Unifier is led by Gregory Jiritano. After the loss of his recording studio to a fire in 2015, he had to either throw in the towel and his unfinished album or regroup, but he chose the latter, that is, to regroup. Jiritano plotted with his good friend Carmine Covelli to play drums, and they soon met Tyler Wood, a keyboard wizard freak and sound guru. Tyler was sworn in by his good friend Derek Nievergelt on bass, and thus Lord Sonny the Unifier was formed and the album FINAL NOTICE was completed.

After releasing his debut album “Final Notice!” and follow-up EP “All New Information” to critical acclaim, Lord Sonny the Unifier goes decidedly bigger this time around, with Tony Maimone of Per Ubu on the production team and UK label Interstellar Smoke Records set to distribute the vinyl version of the album. Continuing his prolific visuals that go hand in hand with his music, Greg Jiritano (Lord Sonny the Unifier) has at least four music videos being shot to support the record. Not one to be stopped by a pandemic, the new album was written during the lockdown, and there is already another release on deck for the near future. 

According to Lord Sonny the Unifier, “This one was realized during the COVID lockdown when I was simultaneously building a new home and studio after the last one burned down and writing the new album, and like everyone, my thoughts were racing, battered, and howling.” The nail gun was pounding, and the saws were slicing through steel and wood. The Laney amp was cranked and the vocals were on the edge. The titles tell best the tale of the tempest in the room: “Black Eye Blues,” “Don’t Fall Apart,” “Howl!”; “Busy Making Love,” “Light Your Flare,” “We’re Electric,” “Loaded Life,” “While We Were Dozing,” “This High,” and “Final Notice.” 

Out of this questioning came more questions, some relief, much introspection, and the realization that, among other things, the political tricks we’re subjected to are in the best interests of the already affluent. The only power we have over the oppressors is what we create in our lives and the love we share with our people. They don’t have that, and we do, and that’s more powerful than anything. He who sees the most beauty wins in this life. 

This was an album I imagined Bowie would have made right after Scary Monsters if he didn’t go the Nile Rogers route and grabbed Iggy Pop instead, cranked the guitars, and picked out of his closet some of his old synthesizers. – Greg Jiritano 

Don’t Be An Asshole” is the album’s second single, following “Howl,” which was released on November 4. It quickly became Lord Sonny’s most popular trending track on Spotify, with a raucous post-punk meets Motorhead vibe. The second single to follow, “Don’t Be An Asshole,” fittingly, was released on Black Friday, November 25, 2022, and has already risen to become his second most popular trending track on Spotify just two weeks later. One big commonality between the two that jumped out at me right away is wicked synth solos. I love that. They are gnarly; it’s like he’s wailing on the keys like an electric guitar. Don’t worry, the guitar is not at all ignored in his sound. His description of his sound is “Post Punk Biker Psychedelia,” and that is quite precise. As a Brooklyn-based artist, I can’t help but think of certain funky hipster aesthetics that accompany the vibe as well. The project is helmed by Gregory Jiritano. Jiritano has been deeply into music since his childhood. At age eight, he began playing the guitar and formed his first band at the age of twelve. At age sixteen, he began playing at New York City bars. 

The song begins with a catchy, meaty riff that catches your attention right from the beginning. With the right doses of retro electronic sound effects and vocal harmonies, especially during the chorus, this is a tight and energetic song. The song features a super catchy rock beat with good use of tones and production finesse. The guitars and the bass do an apt job of carrying the rhythm of the song forward. We get a retro feel that gives a sense of power, energy, and rock. The song never drifts and delivers on groove and style. It has a tight, scenic circadian rhythm set in motion by Lord Sonny the Unifier, which I wholeheartedly support. It’s the golden rule but stated plainly. Words to live by Don’t be an asshole. The band is inspired by The Clash, The Beatles, and Motorhead while also looking inspired by modern acts like Viagra Boys, the Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age. Much like a phoenix, Jiritano arose symbolically and literally from a recording studio fire in 2015. Since then, he has had several singles, EPs, and albums in his discography. This is alternative rock and what Lord Sonny the Unifier calls post-punk biker psychedelia. Keep an eye out for more to come; Lord Sonny has much more coming at a rapid pace!

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