ALANP release his new catchy electronic-pop album “Hold On”

An Original Album “Hold On” by Alanp holds an emotional impact on listeners

A French singer from Lyon, Alan Parsus, also known as AlanP, is a solo producer and DJ who is 19 years old. His main sources of inspiration are dubstep, house, and drum & bass. He studied music in its entirety, including solfeggio, harmony, rhythm, and anything else that he uses to emotionally transmit music in his genre. This is especially true of his sounds and sense of musical knowledge.

The new AlanP album, “Hold On,” was made available on December 8th, 2022. It has seven tracks and lasts 14 minutes, and 45 seconds overall. This 7-track album primarily consists of electronic and EDM-influenced feel-good music. Each song’s acoustics are intriguing, so the album as a whole is captivating right away. The vocal enhancements give the album a slight edge and greatly spice up the fantastic blend of lively, joyful, serious, and beautiful lyrics. The female vocals in the sixth song on the album, “Darkness Gives Way to Light,” have excellent propulsion in addition to adding to the album’s atmosphere.

As a musician with rich musicianship, enthusiasm, and some aptitude, AlanP’s songs have a very distinctive sound and the right amount of vigor to lift the listeners’ mood. Because each song on the “Hold On” album is so simple and airy with no elements that clash, I really liked the whole thing.

The song “Hold On” is a passage from Alanp’s life that describes a time when he fell in love and had that person abandon him overnight. At first, it was bad, but now it’s much better.

Since everyone experiences depression at some point in their lives, AlanP hopes that “Hold On” has an emotional impact, especially when listeners identify with the album and wonder how they’re going to get through this challenging stage. However, as time moves on, his album may be able to provide support for more than just one person.

I believe “Hold On” is genuine, and the songs will undoubtedly satiate listeners’ emotions and make them feel good about themselves.

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