The Starkillers released a new indie-rock song “Here With You”

“Here With You,” a new song by The Starkillers, emphasizes the moments when individuals make genuine connections with one another.

Just one year prior to the formation of The Starkillers, frontman Jon Omen launched his solo project under the same name; he still makes music under that moniker. Lead vocalist Jon Omen, bassist Chris Panic, drummer Doc Taylor, and guitarist Mike Fiedel make up the band. Salt Lake City, Utah, is where they first met. Despite having all been longtime friends and bandmates before the band was formed in 2020,

The Starkillers gave performances at the DLC in Quarters Arcade Bar on September 22, 2022, and at the Illuminate Festival on November 12, both in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bands like The Killers, Foster the People, Walk the Moon, and the Foo Fighters have influenced them. Regardless, musically. They take a lot of inspiration from movies like Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Altered Carbon for their aesthetic and physical appearance.

From The Starkillers’ next album, “Close To The End,” “Here With You” is the third single to be released. The album explores the life cycle of a toxic relationship and all of the stages you could experience. On December 16, 2022, the song “Here With You” was released, highlighting the moment when you can truly connect with someone. The main theme of “Here With You” is the desire to be with the person you connect with. It sounds like a love song, which it kind of is, but they wanted to emphasize the intimacy of just connecting with someone. 

Here With You” is another emotionally charged and melodic rock song. The song begins with a very soft and mellow acoustic guitar that instantly sets the mood. Soon after, the vocals enter subtly, accompanied by a sweet melody produced by the acoustic guitar. The song comes to life with a slow drumbeat on just hi-hats and bass. After the second verse, more instruments, such as an electric guitar lead and bass, enter. The chorus is powerful and energetic, with a catchy hook. The song really grabs you in the second half, when it transitions to a full-on pop-rock sound. “Here with You” has an intriguing and unexpected ending that will capture the listener’s attention.

The classic-sounding love song “Here With You” offers a moment of uncomplicated happiness in its riveting three-and-a-half minutes without feeling forced or overdone. The song is probably one that most people can connect to, whether they are swaying along with their spouse or longing for the person it makes them think of. It serves as a gentle reminder to treasure the beauty of love.

“Here with You” is a lovely song with elements of both rock and pop that work brilliantly together. The Starkillers are making a name for themselves in the music industry, and their new single is highly recommended. So listen to The Starkillers’ vintage yet futuristic music.

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