An amazing love song collaboration by Brainheart and Dorel

Brainheart, an EDM pop producer, has collaborated with singer and songwriter Dorel to create the stunning love song “Keep Me From Falling Apart,” a song about difficult relationships.

A beautiful love song was produced by the EDM pop producer Brainheart and singer-songwriter Dorel. Each teammate contributes their strongest attributes. As Brainheart skillfully creates rich soundscapes that can carry the listener to a dream-like euphoria, Dorel steps up to the mic and unravels his inner truths, crafting them into clever, meaningful lyrics sung in his golden tone.

Roi Zahar, aka Brainheart, is an independent music producer, songwriter, and DJ with a natural affinity for euphonic sounds. After struggling in school, the artist turned to music for education and emotional release. Brainheart has already signed music deals with some of the biggest record labels in the EDM scene, including Armada and Gemstone, and has his music supported by names like Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Tritonal, Tom Staar, and many more. With all of this happening in such a short period of time, Brainheart’s vision and future are already having an impact on music. While Dorel is a 22-year-old Israeli singer and songwriter who wants to tell his story through music, he is a young man with lofty goals. He knows he has a long road ahead of him, but his music will lead him there. Dorel began his music career on the TV show Next Star; it was his first time on stage performing in front of an audience, and it changed his life.

Brainheart recently released “Keep Me From Falling Apart” featuring Dorel on October 27th, 2022, a synth-soul pop-rock expression that is sure to send you to lilting emotional highs. The song is a rising cloud of synths that rain down on us with deep passion and sentiment. Fresh guitar riffs and an infectious beat structure perfectly complement Dorel‘s vocal marvel. Soft curves of piano and violin melodies add lovely perspectives to the track.

Keep Me From Falling Apart” is about difficult relationships. Everyone needs to understand that healthy relationships aren’t perfect. We are all flawed as humans, and that is okay. There are many people who believe that finding “the perfect partner” is possible. The best relationships are sometimes the ones you least expect to be in. The ones who take you by surprise and challenge every belief you’ve ever held The track’s mastery is contained in how the sea of melodies parts to allow for the flourish of Dorel‘s soulful vocals. Words can’t begin to express the track’s unmatched effect, which is characterized by clusters of wondrous musical unity and a rich emotional palette. A molten tongue of beautiful guitar solos drives us to emotional bliss at the bridge before scattering into a spectacular vocal showcase in the outro. View the music video for the fantastic love song’s acoustic rendition, which was created by the talented vocalist Dorel and instrumentalist Brainheart.

The Acoustic Version of Keep Me From Falling Apart by Brainheart and Dorel

Since the release of “Explore the World” in 2019, each composition has revealed Brainheart’s growing musical curiosity. His experimental blends follow only emotion, unconstrained by genre boundaries, and leave an indelible imprint on you.

Keep Me From Falling Apart” by Brainheart is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

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