An Original highly anticipated Ep titled “Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse” By Meadow Argus is a seven-track EP set to be released during the early days of January 2023

Jevan Cole, the man behind the musical project Meadow Argus, is a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has had a career in music that many people only dream of. After a stint with Brisbane Psych-Pop band Baton Rouge in the 1980s, Jevan started his journey as a classical guitarist and started to investigate what was truly possible in an investigation beyond the realm of music. His musical endeavors have always tended to focus on the shadowy recesses of the human psyche. His compositions are influenced and informed by mythic literature, esoterica, and ecological soundscapes in addition to drawing from the rich well of traditional folk music and lore. His music combines the mundane with the esoteric, earth with space, and reason with spirit. He is also an environmentalist, a field ecologist, and a gardener.

All of Jevan‘s years of research finally came together in Maleny, a town in Australia’s Sunshine Coast hinterland, to create a shimmering, cinematic, and genre-defying musical masterpiece. Meadow Argus, the name of a species of local butterfly as well as a gardener, field ecologist, and environmentalist, was inspired by Jevan’s love of his surroundings and the inspiration it inspires. 

James Stevenson, edited by Harry Stranger
James Stevenson, edited by Harry Stranger

The following years were spent creating 10 albums with groups like One StrawThe Charlie Moorland TrioRaggedSeamus Kirkpatrick (vocals, wind), and Jan Van Dijk (fiddle), as well as sharing the stage with some of Jevan‘s musical heroes, including Richard ThompsonBert Jansch, and Martin Carthy. This was followed by a tour with Cole and Van Dijk in support of their critically acclaimed second album, “Sins of a Li’l Later Kiss,

Australian psychedelic folk-rock outfit, Meadow Argus begins 2023 with the release of EP, “Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse” on Friday 13th January 2023. The Seven-track EP “Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse” was written and recorded by Jevan in 2021 as a requirement for his music degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast. They were all experiencing different levels of Covid disruption and lockdown in Australia. The very personal issues that they were all required to deal with at that time are addressed in the songs on this EP.

James Stevenson, edited by Harry Stranger
James Stevenson, edited by Harry Stranger

Each of the seven songs on the EP, which have influences ranging from Neu!, KraftwerkEurythmicsBroadcastThe ChurchSonic Youth, and Johnny Cash, was expertly written, recorded, mixed, and produced in Jevan’s home studio, a rustic shed that has been converted into a beautiful home. Seamus Kirkpatrick and Jevan Cole finished the mastering.

Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse” EP tracklist:

1. Is That You?

2. No company

3. Sweetgrass

4. Tiny flames

5. House Husband

6. Sleep

7. Dance with Me

All songs were written and arranged by Jevan Cole except “is that You”, whose lyrics were written by Micheal Peterson.

Traveling through “Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse” takes listeners on a journey through a genre-defying and boundary-pushing world of imagination and creative exploration. The Ep is supported by a lush, layered soundscape of bubbling synths, intricate acoustic guitars, and spaced-out electrics, and it has dreamy, esoteric lyrics that entice you to listen to it more and more.

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