The original Single titled “Reckless” By Imelda Gabs is a new pop track about the recklessness of falling in love and the fear of letting go

Imelda Gabs is a Belgian and Congolese artist who is 24 years old. She was raised in Switzerland, where she also studied the violin, piano, and singing. This singer made her live debut at the age of 14 in Brussels Palais des Beaux-Arts, performing alongside her late father, jazz pianist Doctor Gabs. Since then, Imelda has performed onstage alongside artists like The RootsLianne La Haves, drummer Vic Jewel Pitts, and organist Rhoda Scott. Her music videos for the singles “Alter Ego” and “Fallen Angel” have also won awards. The singer enjoys blending various sounds, and her self-produced debut single “Fallen Angel” perfectly captures this. She takes her listeners on a sonically rich, blissful electro-acoustic musical journey.

Imelda joined the Montreux Jazz Academy in 2017 and played “Heartbeat,” one of her first songs, with renowned bassist Marcus Miller. She was also invited to perform at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival as the opening act for Lianne La Havas and The Roots. She performed with a full band in 2021 at Les Docks in Lausanne (CH), and the Montreux Jazz Festival invited her to join their lineup a second time. During the festival, she also served as Camélia Jordana’s opening act.

Imelda Gabs shares her chilling new song “Reckless,” which was released on December 9th, 2022, one year after the release of her critically acclaimed single “Alter Ego.” Her third independently made single and music video is this one. By daring to cross genre boundaries, Gabs offers listeners a distinctive, eclectic, and wholly original sound. In contrast to “Alter Ego,” “Reckless” adopts a more straightforward style with a sparse arrangement. The icy, stark melody is obscured by the orchestral swell of the acoustic piano, hiding Imelda Gabs‘ haunting vocals, but there is also a kaleidoscopic quality to the straightforward sound.

One of those songs that will undoubtedly give you the chills is “Reckless.” Imelda expertly combines her dark pop and orchestral influences in this song about the recklessness of falling in love and the fear of letting go. The song serves as an introduction to the period of her upcoming debut album and carries a profound and passionate melancholy blended with a futuristic imagery, which is fully embodied in its sci-fi-inspired music video.

Imelda wrote and produced “Reckless” herself in her Lausanne (CH) home studio, but the music video was filmed in White Sands, New Mexico (USA). The director, Dariy Mambetov, and she were the only two present. A difficult shoot, but it’s also likely the reason the end product is as intricate and deep as it is beautifully raw. She will release her debut album in 2023, and the song will be included in it.

Imelda‘s voice makes a few evocative runs in the song “Reckless.” The first line of the verse, “I’ve seen it all fall down / You’ve got the devil’s eyes,” is introduced by a soft piano chime. These words are almost whispered by Imelda. Her voice quivers with strong, loving emotion. She keeps up this subdued attitude for a while, laying the foundation for massive upheaval. This anthemic outburst of emotion is introduced by a swell of bass. Imelda wailingly sings, “I don’t know what is wrong / Don’t know where I belong,” letting the quirks in her voice cut through the background noise. She clearly has a great deal of control over her tone and pitch. She decides to add some grit to her words, and they suddenly become more intense.

We are given brief instrumental breaks as “Reckless” nears its conclusion so that Imelda can soften the intensity of her singing. She switches to a head voice that sparkles, and the song ends with an emotional scene. By this time, if you haven’t already stopped dead in your tracks, you probably weren’t paying enough attention. “Reckless” is the quintessential example of a slow, sentimental ballad. Don’t pass up this fantastic song.

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