“It’s Okay” a new single by Karen Harding is about letting go of self-dissatisfaction and understanding that it’s acceptable for things to be precisely how they are.

Karen Harding, a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, released her debut single, “I Didn’t Realise,” in May 2021. Since then, she has been on a journey of musical and personal exploration, determined to see what is truly possible in music and creativity. After starting her musical journey at the age of six on the piano and taking formal singing lessons at the age of fourteen, music has become for her a world of possibility and discovery as well as a tool and a form of therapy to sort through the experiences and emotions that affect each and every member of the human race.

Karen Harding recently collaborated with Argentinian P&M Records, the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Canadian producer Landao, Melbourne hip-hop artist Serif, and a stunning inspirational project with Misia Julia, in addition to winning the 2021 Bendigo Bank-sponsored Radio Eastern songwriter talent show and being nominated as a top 10 winner for the World Songwriting Awards. In February 2022, she was also a finalist for the Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards’ Best International Artist category.

 Susan Bradfield Photography
Susan Bradfield Photography

Karen Harding‘s music is compared to the styles of Karen Carpenter, Sarah McLachlan, and Eva Cassidy and contains seductive and ethereal vocals at the forefront, accompanied by an instrumental background that will transport you to a world of fantasy. Following on from her previous single, “Strong For You,” Karen Harding reveals the second half of her musical project with Argentinian P&M Records, with the dual release of “It’s Okay” and “Greener On The Other Side,” featuring the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, which was released on Friday 16th December 2022.

 Susan Bradfield Photography
Susan Bradfield Photography

It’s Okay” is a story about letting go of self-dissatisfaction and realizing that it is okay for things to be exactly as they are. Self-dissatisfaction is the feeling that something, someone, or somewhere should be different than where you are. The song was written by Karen Harding and produced by P&M Records.

Karen Harding takes us on a journey of self-discovery in “It’s Okay,” where we face our most frail selves. Everybody has self-doubt at some point in their lives. We rarely possess the ability to dismiss these thoughts and move on, which leads to inferiority feelings. While the music has a depressing theme, it also gives you a sense of acceptance, optimism for a better future, and empowerment over negative thoughts. The best and possibly most beautiful example of how acoustic guitar music can uplift your spirit and cause you to close your eyes and appreciate the beauty of the world it transports you to is this song.

Greener On The Other Side,” the other song on this dual single, was written while thinking about some significant changes. It was co-written with P&M Records and features the Cologne Chamber Orchestra. It draws attention to the anxieties associated with change and raises the question of whether what you picture on the other side of change is actually how things are. Is the other side’s grass really greener? has a string section that sounds intriguing and enigmatic and adds extra richness to the music, along with comparable stark acoustic components.

Overall, Karen Harding’s “It’s Okay” compositions sound like you’re getting a warm, comforting hug from someone who is experiencing similar feelings! Her lovely voice provides us with the peace and tranquillity we seek on lonely nights when certain thoughts come to haunt us.

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