Nëk releases his latest Astonishing Hip Hop Ep

Nk’s EP, “Misti’s Blues,” pays homage to his mother, examines his past drug usage, and explores the difficulties of being raised by a single mother in the contemporary world. With six tracks that incorporate jazz, blues, hip-hop, and other genres, it is likely to touch listeners with its perceptive words and soulful instrumentals.

Nëk is a hip-hop musician noted for his distinct musical abilities that have the ability to move and energize crowds. He made his debut in December with the single “Toxic Drama,” and he hasn’t stopped since. With his songs, this artist will undoubtedly grab your thoughts and elicit deep feelings in your heart. Give this musician a listen if you like slappy 808s mixed with heartfelt melodies.

On January 10th, 2023, Nëk released his new EP, “Misti’s Blues.” This Ep, which happens to be Nëk mom’s nickname, and him being a fusion of blues, hip-hop, and jazz, just made it natural. So, “Misti’s Blues” is actually a tribute to his wonderful mother, Nëk reflection on his past drug use, and a thorough explanation of the challenges of a single-mother upbringing in the modern era.

Misti’s Blues” tracklist:

· Don’t Pray

· Thantopobia

· Record Straight 

· Pretty Girls Love Jazz

· Cold Outside 

· Never Bend Never Fold

The first track on the EP, titled “Don’t Pray,” which serves as the EP’s introduction, is a dark-toned track that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The vocals are beautifully delivered, preserving the necessary effects. The lyrics are insightful and highly relatable to the majority of people, and it’s incredible how this musician captures his feelings and turns them into a track. This is the song that first drew me to this musician. If you like hard-hitting hip-hop, you should definitely check out this music.

“Thantophobia” is the title of the EP’s next tune. It is an excessive fear of death or the process of dying, and this artist found a unique and innovative way to combine this theme with love and life. The instrumental is soulful and will undoubtedly get you moving.

“Record Straight,” the EP’s third track, begins with an engrossing melody that will put you in a trance. The song contains some expansive lyrics that will make you think about some serious issues. This is without a doubt my favorite track on the EP. While “Pretty Girls Love Jazz,” the next track, is a fantastic club banger, the hook is catchy and immediately grabs your attention. The trumpet melody will undoubtedly linger in your mind. Give it a shot.

The following tune serves as a bridge between the EP and the outro. The song is called “Cold Outside,” and it will appeal to a wide audience. The music creates the mood for the closing track of the EP, “Never Bend Never Fold,” which features some joyful melodies and a unique beat. The vocals are deep and fit the tone of the song perfectly. Anyone who enjoys hip-hop should listen to this.

I recently discovered this musician through his EP “Misti’s Blues,” which is without a doubt a masterpiece. I could listen to this EP on repeat for days and can confidently state that it is one of the best EPs I’ve ever heard. Give it a go! You will undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic EP and all of its tracks. 

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