Earthtones Trio releases their Astonishing Classical Single

The modern chamber piece “Skirmish” by Earthtones Trio combines elements of classical, jazz, and folk music to pay respect to the environment and history of Falkirk, the composer’s hometown. The music carries the message, letting listeners draw their own images and memories from the potent melodies and textures.

Earthtones Trio includes globally regarded Royal Scottish National Orchestra leaders, flutist Katherine Bryan and cellist Betsy Taylor, in addition to Euan Stevenson on piano. Euan Stevenson‘s approachable compositions and arrangements include classical, jazz, and world folk music components.

The debut album “Sound Tracks” by the young modern classical ensemble Earthtones Trio will be released by iOcco Classical in 2023. “Sound Tracks,” a new suite of nine modern classical pieces by Scottish composer Euan Stevenson, is inspired by the people, locations, and landmarks surrounding Falkirk, the composer’s hometown. “Sound Tracks” premiered live in Falkirk in April 2022, and studio recordings of the new songs are expected to be released in 2023, beginning with the second lead single, “Skirmish,” that was released on February 1st, 2023.

Skirmish” and “Sound Tracks” are both musical love letters from the composer to his hometown, fusing classical, jazz, and folk traditions. “Skirmish,” which was recorded at the RSNO Center and GloWorm Recording in Glasgow, fulfills Euan Stevenson’s ambition of utilizing the talents of the internationally acclaimed Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Principal Flautist Katherine Bryan, and Principal Cellist Betsy Taylor, who also performed on the single and album alongside Euan Stevenson on piano, as well as Scottish percussionist Tom Gordon.

Earthtones Trio did a live preview of “Sound Tracks” and “Skirmish” on BBC Radio Scotland’s Classics Unwrapped show to commemorate both releases. The music, featuring cover art by Scottish illustrator Gavin C. Robinson, will be available for purchase on CD, as well as sheet music downloads, before being streamed on major digital music sites. 

Each location, country, continent, and hemisphere has its own distinct sound when it comes to instrumental music. It’s exciting to explore authentic instrumental music and draw emotion and imagery from its melodies and textures. “Skirmish” is a modern chamber track that uses quick melodies, snappy percussion, and enormous piano chords to create a sound that is caught up in its own inertia and starts gently but quickly picks up speed, extending in every direction. The piano is gaining momentum, and you can’t stop it. It’s flowing so quickly that it can’t even stop, and it is a magnificent natural force.

Skirmish,” written and orchestrated by Euan Stevenson, covers the nature and history of his hometown of Falkirk. It is entirely up to you to extract visuals and history from the strong music. But keep this in mind: it will be spectacular, it will be magnificent, and it will be potent!

Skirmish” is a fantastic combination! Its music creates an environment that demonstrates exactly what its composer intended: it’s an adventure! It has freshness, optimistic notes, a design in motion, and it does not shy away from the classic. It creates a good sense of tension, as if we were strolling among people, through streets, discovering the place, and it is a tribute to life—intriguing!

Let’s continue this musical journey provided by these amazing musicians and listen to Earthtones Trio‘s exquisite work right away.

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