In the vibrant and eclectic world of music, The Feels emerge as a dynamic duo hailing from the heart of Long Island, NY. Comprised of the vocal powerhouse Danny Ayala and the mastermind producer Andy Ballereua, The Feels have become synonymous with funky pop that not only captivates but elevates the soul. The genesis of this musical journey traces back to the onset of the pandemic, where Danny’s rock band background from The Lemon Twigs and Andy’s grandiose production style collided, birthing a fusion of undeniably melodic grooves inspired by musical legends like The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, and Michael Jackson.

Both Danny and Andy, graduates of music school with studies in classical and jazz, seamlessly combined their talents. Danny’s bombast found its perfect complement in Andy’s stoic cool, giving birth to The Feels. The debut single, “Your Mind”, released in 2021, marked the inception of a musical phenomenon that garnered critical acclaim and press recognition across the New York scene. With subsequent releases in 2022, The Feels embarked on a mission to transform live performances into extravagant events, enveloping audiences in an atmosphere where everyone feels like a rockstar.

Diving into The Feels’ latest single “I’m Not That Guy”, released on November 3rd 2023. This single unfolds like a musical time capsule, encapsulating emotions and experiences that resonate universally. “I’m Not That Guy”, is akin to stepping into a musical realm meticulously crafted to enchant the senses. The journey begins with a sustained synthesizer, creating a resonant piano-like chord that seamlessly intertwines with the introduction of the guitar. The drum makes its entrance at the 0:18 timestamp, unveiling a groovy and perfectly timed rhythm that becomes the heartbeat of this funk-pop masterpiece.

Danny Ayala’s voice, a blend of energy and soul laced with emotions becomes the storyteller that carried me through the lyrics that struck a chord with my own experiences. “Oh baby, you said you’re coming for me, but all I see is time pass me by”, he croons, and suddenly, I’m engulfed in a narrative of love and self-discovery.“I’m Not That Guy” serves as a resonant anthem, a declaration that transcends the boundaries of conventional love songs. Danny Ayala’s lyrical prowess delivers a poignant message—a refusal to settle for a love that falls short. The lyrics, woven into the fabric of funky pop beats, convey a narrative of self-discovery and empowerment.

The hook “I’m not that guy, I’m not the one to go and waste all your time, oh baby, so baby if you’re not the one it’s over, it’s over and done”, encapsulates the essence of the song, delivering a powerful message with both conviction and finesse. The hook becomes a powerful mantra, echoing the sentiment of personal growth and the acknowledgment of one’s worth. “I’m not that guy” is a statement of boundaries, a rejection to engage in shallow relationships, and a call to embrace true love. I find myself not simply a listener but a participant in a shared experience of contemplation as I navigate the beats of this song. “I’m not that guy” – resonates deeply, as if Danny is articulating the very thoughts that have echoed in my own mind.

The magic doesn’t end with the lyrics, what truly sets “I’m Not That Guy” apart is the genius production of Andy Ballereua of. Every element of the song is masterfully blended, creating a harmonious symphony that captivates from start to finish. A standout moment occurs between the 1:33 to 1:53 timestamp that left me bopping my head and tapping my feet uncontrollably, where Andy’s musical brilliance shines through. The guitar riffs, synthesizers, and drumming converge into a spellbinding composition, leaving me immersed in the beauty of the rhythm.

I was deeply impressed by The Feels’ musical prowess as the synthesizer chords faded and Danny’s words remained in the air. “I’m Not That Guy” is more than simply a song; it’s an immersive experience made by musicians who understand music’s alchemy.

“I’m Not That Guy” by The Feels is a must-listen for those looking for a musical trip that goes beyond the usual. The Feels create an experience that connects on a visceral level, whether you’re a fan of funk, pop, or simply appreciate the magic that happens when skill and imagination intersect. Allow yourself to be engulfed by the groove, fascinated by the words, and carried away by The Feels’ sheer greatness. After all, The Feels are architects of pure, unadulterated magic in the realm of music. So put on your headphones, take up your headsets, and crank up your speakers let’s have some fun.

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