Rory Sturgeon wrote “This Thing They Call Wonderful” (for Theo) in honor of his younger brother, who was going through a terrible period. It is a proclamation of brotherly love that highlights the significance and worth of family and the unwavering support and love they offer.

Rory Sturgeon, a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and pianist from Kent who is now studying Spanish in Exeter, began composing music in 2021, and his main influence is essentially everything! while his personal influences include Stevie Wonder, Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Tyler, the Creator, and FKJ. Rory Sturgeon‘s mother is a dance teacher, so he was raised on everything from West End musicals to modern-day rap. He has appeared twice on BBC INTRODUCING and has also been fortunate enough to appear on the Sofar Sounds setup in London.

On February 5th, 2023, the amazing Rory Sturgeon released “This Thing They Call Wonderful” (for Theo), a simple declaration of brotherly love. He created this song with affection for his little brother a while back, who went through a really difficult two years mentally, and he thought the best way to get his feelings out was via song.

The lyrics are the representation of the feeling, even though the keyboard joins powerful arrangements of special structures, which distill emotions as they advance with the narrative, and a vivid vocal that uses synthesizers to create a deep acoustic sound to model the song’s emotion. There are ways for someone to know their importance and value and to remember that regardless of the past, there are people who care. They ask for everything that is most sacred to their well-being and happiness.

Family is priceless, especially when it is surrounded by friendship, compassion, and love. Family shapes our personalities, allows for development beyond the physical, and provides shelter for the heart during storms.

Rory Sturgeon‘s writing style has undoubtedly matured, and he wanted to emphasize that with this release. This is the most personal song he has ever released, and the track was produced entirely by Rory Sturgeon. It was recorded in his dorm room at the university, and a close friend of his handled the mixing and mastering.

This Thing They Call Wonderful” (for Theo) is a song that synthesizes hugs and casual conversations to create notes of the incredible connection that transcends distance and blood ties. It fills the room with love and tenderness.

Go check this piece out!

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