Dave Mohan Releases His lastest Classical Single

In “For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry,” a neoclassical crossover fusion of folk, fusion, jazz, soft rock, and soul is used to express a message of intense emotion and meditation on topics like love, sorrow, and inequity. The lyrics, which alternate between Latin and English, give a straightforward and unadulterated representation of spiritual suffering and exhort the audience to relate to their own feelings and experiences.

Rather than being a performer on stage, Dave Mohan is primarily a recording artist, songwriter, composer, and lyricist, working with a variety of wonderful international musicians and studio professionals, such as Andy Walter and Simon Gibson (UK – Abbey Road Studios); Carolina De La Muela (Argentina); Lydia Salnikova (USA); Juliet Lyons (USA); Andres Mayo (USA); Ilia Skibinsky (Russia); Maria Grigoryeva (Russia); Guido Scharmer-Choi (Germany); Ian Smith (UK); Chad Martin (USA).

Despite receiving his early musical instruction at a classical conservatoire, Dave Mohan had never been limited by a particular genre. According to the famous Louis Armstrong proverb, there are only two types of music: the “good kind” and “the other kind.” In keeping with that, David Mohan’s music combines folk, fusion, and neoclassical crossover (via jazz, soft rock, soul, and more). Sparse at times, lavishly orchestrated other times, always harmonically inventive, and endlessly melodic However, describing a musical style in words is like trying to depict a rainbow in black and white.

Enhance your thoughts with the glamour of Dave Mohan’s “For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry,” which was released on February 17, 2023. With the help of Juliet Lyons on vocals and Simon Gibson on mastering, the boundaries between styles are subtly dismantled to create a clear, resonant, and endearing soundscape. An exhilarating neoclassical crossover occurs in the blending of folk with fusion, jazz, soft rock, soul, and others, deserving of being treasured as a timeless work that will endure for many years.

The lyrics alternate between Latin and English, creating a profound and unmatched environment full of many landscapes, ideas, and emotions that is harmonically inspirational and entrancing. It shows a sad color reflecting on lost lives and undeniable soul agony, such as helplessness, love, and inequality, but all in a simple and pure manner.

“For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry” is an immersive piece that floods you with deep emotions while guiding you through each one in a transforming way. Go listen to this masterpiece now!

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