Betty Moon releases her Amazing Alternative rock pop single

The song “My Only One” by Betty Moon conveys the idea that despite life’s hardships and difficulties, we must find the inner fortitude to persevere and never give up on our goals and aspirations. It is a strong and uplifting rock ballad that exhorts listeners to keep going and value their uniqueness.

Betty Moon is a Los Angeles-based performer, composer, and producer who has gained a reputation for her DIY work ethic since signing with A&M Records, and she has self-released over ten albums under her own label, Evolver Music. Betty Moon has continued to defy industry trends, garnering worldwide retail exposure, online and college radio rotation, and a massive following on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram.

Betty Moon has been a music staple for quite some time, amassing a number of recordings over the years. It’s okay if you’re not familiar with her music; you will be. Her music does not easily fit into any certain genre. Her music is influenced by underground sounds such as rock, soul, punk rock, electronic, and electro-pop and is infused with aggressive, empowering, yet still peaceful energy that electrifies the listener. Her music has appeared in television episodes and films such as Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Teen Mom, Young and Pregnant, Walking the Dead, Last Gasp, and the upcoming film Butter.

Hundreds of respected media outlets, including Exclaim!, Huffington Post, Celebmix, Ask Men, Rawckus, and others, have featured and reviewed Betty Moon’s music. Betty Moon’s current album, “Undercover,” was published in 2022, and her latest song, “Boilermaker,” will be available on Spotify and Apple Music later this month.

Evolver Music Inc.
Evolver Music Inc.

Betty Moon’s “My Only One,” released on April 16th, 2021, came to her easily; she was working on a full album, and this was one of the simpler tracks to bring to life. She occasionally works with her musician buddies on technicalities like guitar, bass, or co-writing certain top lines for the tracks. “My Only One” was co-written by Betty Moon, Owen Barry, and Jason Ganberg. They were cranking out a lot of music during this extremely creative pre-pandemic period, and they had a great time doing it. They set up a live room at Betty Moon’s home, as well as a control room/mixing room area in the study, where they would assemble to listen back and perform their rough mixes. According to Betty Moon, Jason and Owen were fantastic to work with, especially on the more difficult rock tracks.

Betty Moon embodies the greatest qualities of sound and structure in music, allowing her to move from genre to genre like a cameleon, never committing to one. Betty Moon performs “My Only One,” a tune that has evident pop characteristics but employs much more, allowing her to fit in her vocal range as she pleases.

Evolver Music Inc.
Evolver Music Inc.

“My Only One” is that single you should not overlook. The instrumental in the background combines underground rock, punk, and synth wave. The neon dust shimmers with a cacophonous rhythm; it’s deep purple, crimson, viscous, and sour. It’s dark, yet it’s not the end; the vocals shine through. Betty Moon’s vocal style is energetic, clear, and filled with a wide range of tones and harmonies. They interact with each other, dancing atop each song, humorous sentence, and emotive word. In a gloomy noir sort of way, it lends light to the dark. A disco ball in a mystery flick.

“My Only One” may appear to be the title of a standard love ballad, but don’t be fooled. It’s a fantastic, deep, dark-rock ballad of epic proportions. Layers of synth and bass collide with brittle percussion as it folds over on itself. In the chorus, they fracture and break. 

“My Only One” is covered in shards of pleasure. It is really about a variety of topics, including love, loss, motivation to kick ass, life in Hollywood, Betty Moon‘s childhood, and other personal anecdotes. Give it a listen!

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