A World Of So Much Hate- An original EP inspired by N4NOVEMBER

A World of so much Hate (Original EP) by N4NOVEMBER ( A universe of pain, growth, and examination)

Alex, the lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter for N4November, is a one-man band from Sydney that was formed in 2020. Alex began making and releasing music at the age of 20, and he hopes to make his 16-year-old self proud that he was able to fulfill his dream of making and releasing music, a dream he never thought he’d be able to realize.

N4November’s debut EP, “A World of So Much Hate,” is a 6-track EP that was released on November 18th, 2022. The EP includes songs Alex wrote when he was 16 about fictional love and heartbreak, stories he wrote when he was 18 about struggling to live this reality, and letters he wrote when he was 21 about saying goodbye to loved ones. Within its lyrics, “A World of So Much Hate” embeds a universe of pain, growth, and examination, which I always find haunting and comforting, but most importantly, real.

5 Seconds Summer, The 1975, Taylor Swift, Paramore, Conan Gray, and Marianas Trench have all influenced N4November. N4November performed at the newly opened GSUS4, opening for indie rock artist “T.Lopea.”

The EP “A World of So Much Hate” was recorded over two years ago at Alex’s home studio and was inspired by Alex’s sleepless nights wondering what it would be like if we weren’t bound to this reality. Alex wants every song on this EP to be heavy-hearted and honest; he wants to hit the listeners where it hurts the most.

Dear Friend,” the first track on the EP, is a reflective song – a confessional outlet for feelings of being ignored but longing to be caught during a fall. The song is a strong opener that perfectly balances emo rock and pop to appeal to a wide range of listeners. The song appears to be saying goodbye to loved ones, wishing for the receiver to stay rather than leave.

The second track on the EP, “Constant Remainder,” begins with elongated string synthesizers and leans into a synth-rock production. As the song enters its first minute, the tone shifts into a heavy metal realm, complete with heavy guitar strums. When balanced against the emo-pop rock vocal performance of lead singer Alex, these remain somewhat calm.

The third track on the EP, “Movies,”  slows things down a little by delving into the world of ballad songwriting. This song depicts Alex’s vulnerable side in a way that strips away the anger and pain and expresses emotions through pure simplicity. Don’t be fooled by the romantic lyrics; there’s a twist. The romance in this film is a distorted perception of reality, a fantasy that we all have of a love that is flawless, beautiful, and eternal. The way this song transitioned to show another side of the band, one that is extremely versatile, really impressed me. 

The fourth track on the EP, “Half of Mine,” returns listeners to the pop-synth rock genre, but with a slower feel than the first two songs. At the heart of the lyric are contemplation, a display of gratitude, and an acknowledgment of memories. This is an emo pop song that will win many people’s hearts while appealing to their vulnerable side.

Mistakes and Heartbreaks,” the EP’s fifth track, ushers us into the EP’s penultimate track. This song transports listeners to a world that sounds like a cross between a sailor chant and Bastille’s artistry. This is a really lovely start to the song and a lovely prelude to the overall project.

The track “A World Full of So Much Hate” serves as both the EP’s title and its final song. In this song, Alex confesses his demons, being trapped in his mind but also in a world full of hatred. Is the world an external or an internal one? I believe both. This is a song that I will listen to again and again because of its creative efforts and confessionalism, which leaves listeners thinking. This track is the ideal way to cap off a well-executed EP.

Check out this EP; you won’t be disappointed!

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