Narrative of a young life cut short in a new song by Rob Eberle

Reckless by Rob Eberle

Rob Eberle, a young and talented Long Island, New York, native, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Rob’s ability to capture moments from his own and other people’s lives distinguishes him from other lyricists in his genre. The 18-year-old New Yorker perfectly expresses what it’s like to be devastated in his debut EP, “WHERE’S MY MIND?”. Since the release of his debut single, “Enough,” in 2020, Eberle has been setting new standards with his flawless lyrics. Eberle is gearing up for the future as he completes work on his sophomore EP.

Rob collaborates with various producers to create special moments in his songs. He also composes and writes all of the music and lyrics. Eberle’s songs are all narratives and snapshots of him and those around him. His musical influences include FINNEAS and Billie Eilish, as well as Madison Beer, Olivia Rodrigo, and Panic! at the Disco. At the Disco influenced Eberle’s genre-bending, a darker alternative to conventional Pop Rock.

Rob Eberle, a rising upstart, has teamed up with strong vocalist April Rose Gabrielli for “Reckless,” the newest single from his upcoming sophomore album, due out on November 16, 2022. It’s the story of a promising young life cut short by the irreversible actions of another. This occurred as a result of irresponsible intoxication. The after-prom, which was supposed to mark the beginning of their lives, was ruined. Only one of the lovers survives after going to a party, getting drunk, and then driving. Despite his guilt over his actions, he can’t stop thinking about her, as if she’s haunting him. He only recalls sirens.

Reckless” feels completely lived-in and genuine. Elements of folk, chamber pop, and classical music are interwoven to enhance the overall immersive experience. Because each element feels so vividly real, a swirling around spirit feels doubly refreshing. Grizzly Bear, Iron & Wine are definitely involved. The rest of the way is carried by Eberle and Rose voices. The kindness shown throughout makes it feel like a grand adventure. Indeed, Eberle sings from experience, as this situation is all too familiar for those who step just a little outside of their comfort zone.

Reckless” is a song with a lot of energy. Eberle is particularly fascinated by the lost art of buildup. Within the sound, the song becomes increasingly expansive. Little elements emerge. The exploratory nature of the song causes it to grow larger and more confident. Their vocal intertwining adds sweetness to their work, the kind of thing that truly touches the soul. Everything comes together in a beguiling, dreamy way for the final stretch of the story. The vocals soar to the heavens one more time, aided by the beat, resulting in a great and brilliant masterpiece.

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