Urban Walrus’ song “All I Really Want” is reflective and upbeat, questioning goals and ideals while fostering a peaceful, uplifting environment with its summertime, beachy mood. The song’s theme is that pursuing what brings us happiness and fulfillment is ultimately what matters.

Urban Walrus’ newest single, “All I Really Want,” released on February 18, 2023, is arranged, comforting, and brimming with hope the entire way through.

Fabian Koerber, a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, founded Urban Walrus, a relatively new indie rock-like band currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. “Pie in the Sky,” their debut single, was followed by “Shades” and “August Rain.” Urban Walrus made an impact right away, connecting with fans and amassing over 500,000 listens on Spotify alone with just three songs. Their animated video clips are also becoming increasingly popular on TikTok and YouTube. Urban Walrus’ music has been played on dozens of radio stations, mostly in the English-speaking globe, on a regular basis.

Teaming up with Salzburger Stier and award-winning producer Jeannot Steck and putting their own collective spin on some of our favorite sounds and styles of the mid-2000s, Urban Walrus has created an eclectic, uplifting, and ultimately unique song titled “All I Really Want,” recorded at Soundcheck Studio, Switzerland, and released through Flying Pig Productions (FPP). I adore it and am convinced that you will as well, which is why I am urging everyone to listen.

For some reason, Urban Walrus claims they are the most boring band in the world, but I strongly disagree. While the music and auditory quality of it all are surely slow, it has an indie rock appeal to it that doesn’t rely on anything flashy or gimmicky to attract attention. “All I Really Want” has a sincerity and uniqueness that, while drawing from previous influences and sounds, feels like something new. The vocals are as warm as a hug from your best friend, while the instrumentation is simple to follow and takes risks.

As soon as you press the play button, you’ll be immersed in an extraordinarily hypnotic and bass-heavy experience that flows seamlessly. Seriously, I first listened to this in the morning, and it made me smile with its good-natured mood and certain coastal production effects that are difficult not to appreciate. As previously stated, the lyricism is highly contemplative, approaching everything in a “what if” pattern. There is obviously a tale going on, but it also questions itself and looks forward in terms of aspirations, ideals, and so much more. Given its beachy and summery vibe, the answer is right in front of you, allowing you as a listener to connect the dots and figure it out for yourself.


Overall, “All I Really Want” is a fluffy, laid-back, and easygoing indie rock song. A rich, appealing piece of music with some intriguing chord changes and a poignant, uplifting chorus This should be included in your playlist.

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