Silvermouse’s focus on investigating the potential for music to be a psychoactive entity and inducing altered states of consciousness through their music, as heard in the instrumental track “Tripgnosis,” suggests a desire to push boundaries and take listeners on a journey beyond their everyday experiences.

Silvermouse, who made their Livetronica debut in the middle of the 2000s, has roots in both American jam rock and UK rave culture. These two worlds collided to create the meditative, captivating, ecstatic, and energizing psychedelic soundscapes that make up the duo’s distinctive sound. Joanne Hunt, a live electronic producer, and Justin Handley, a multi-instrumentalist, who together make up Silvermouse, have a strong musical and personal fusion. At the farm and food forest they call home, the couple daydreams, spins their visions, and raises their family of mythical animals, a few feral kids, countless medicinal plants, and numerous tropical fruit trees.

A deep exploration of the potential for music to be a psychoactive entity is the focus of Silvermouse’s current project, “Psychoactive.” In order to establish a secure setting and act as a catalyst for exploring consciousness, elevating the mind-body axis, and elevating altered states, the duo has been elevating their sound using spatial audio and brainwave entrainment signals from Monroe Sound Science. The Silvermouse duo’s most recent release is called “Tripgnosis.” The song, which was released on February 2, 2023, is a hypnotic fusion of mandolin and electronica, supported by Monroe Sound Science’s consciousness-altering signals, a technology similar to binaural beats that does not require headphones.

The instrumental soundscape for “Tripgnosis” has a labyrinthine atmosphere. Its melodies have the power to enrapture you for hours. Synth wave resides in the center of it like Asterion, surrounded on all sides by walls made of strobing bass and exotic percussion. The effect is enlightening; it starts out small and expands into a maze of endless hallways and corners as the song plays. This song is the most recent entry in Silvermouse’s PSYCHOACTIVE series, a collection of single releases supported by Monroe Sound Science’s brainwave entrainment signals with the goal of inducing altered states of consciousness.

Listeners are taken on a journey outside the bounds of their daily lives by this alluring new single. The sounds of “Tripgnosis” combine the organic and digital, a duality we all experience, and they produce an atmosphere of surreal beauty and an evocative listening experience. Driving beats and glitchy bass lines combine with the spatial mandolin to create an engrossing and captivating soundscape. The sound is also vivid and chock-full of entertaining textures and harmonies, despite being intimidating. The energetic and enjoyable beats in use here keep the bright tones and gloomy sounds moving. The entire performance is a work of art, an audio tapestry that appeals to one’s inner spiritual self.

Audiences will be captivated by “Tripgnosis” and taken to unfamiliar worlds of experience. It is a song that will transport listeners on an unforgettable journey into the uncharted. Before the band’s February mini-tour, which included a local full moon performance in Rincon, Puerto Rico, before traveling upstate for performances at Earthdance in Plainfield, Massachusetts, and the Brooklyn Lair in Brooklyn, New York, the release was made available.

It’s clear that Silvermouse is skilled. They draw inspiration from all over the world when it comes to instrumental music. We are in for a wild ride if what happens next is anything like “Tripgnosis,” so I can’t wait to see what happens.

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