Introducing Monarbre, the enigmatic musical persona crafted by the creative genius Oleg Ataeff. Originating from the lively Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Monarbre has continuously captivated the market with its combination of enigma and captivating creativity. Oleg Ataeff’s innovative music approach has impressed global audiences, presenting a distinct narrative that goes beyond traditional limits. Monarbre showcases Ataeff’s lasting creative vision with a unique style and a willingness to push artistic limits, encouraging viewers to delve into the realm of emotions on his captivating musical voyage.


Le Portail,” unveiled on December 29th, 2023, serves as a deep extension of Monarbre’s creative journey, welcoming audiences into a realm where eerie echoes blend with expressive storytelling. This emotional song explores the intricacies of the human heart, creating a musical masterpiece that searches for understanding and comfort in our common humanity. The song starts with a haunting charm, marked by a mysterious knocking sound that establishes a captivating atmosphere from the beginning. This starting atmosphere sets the stage for the mysterious voyage that follows, pulling listeners further into the emotive world created by Monarbre.

At the 14-second mark, a confident laughter emerges, adding an intriguing layer to the song’s haunting allure. It’s a moment that grabs the audience’s focus, suggesting the intricacies waiting to be examined further. The deliberate pace at which Monarbre delivers lyrics in his mother tongue heightens the haunting charm, creating an atmosphere of introspection and enigma as the story develops.

As “Le Portail” continues, it goes through a dynamic change at the 54-second point, shifting into an lively composition with pronounced rap verses in his language and engaging beats. This change in speed and mood brings a fresh vitality to the song, pushing the listener ahead on an exciting musical adventure. The blending of rap with melodic instruments produces an engaging rhythm that connects with the listener’s deepest feelings.

The vocals and instrumentation in the song are expertly balanced, resulting in a captivating sensory experience. Extra vocal harmonies, blended below Monarbre’s main vocals, bring more richness and dimension to the song, elevating its intricacy and charm. This showcases Monarbre’s dedication to precision and innovative artistic vision. The song pauses briefly at 2:02 minutes mark before coming back with a captivating and compelling beat. This brief pause gives the audience a chance to take a breath before being caught up again in the captivating rhythm and melody of the song. Monarbre’s adept composition and meticulous attention to detail are evident.


As the song nears its end, audiences are presented with a captivating mix of catchy music and smooth rap verses that glide effortlessly and skillfully. It marks the end of the journey that started from the opening of the song, making a lasting impact that remains even after the last notes have disappeared. Through “Le Portail,” Monarbre offers more than just a musical experience, presenting a transformative journey that encourages listeners to delve into their emotions and imagination.

Le Portail” is not just a follow-up to “La Pluie”; it’s a testament to Monarbre’s enduring musical philosophy, exemplified by striking visuals and introspective imagery. The cover art featuring a hand with a keyhole symbolizes the deep personal journey that “Le Portail” represents, connecting the artist’s identity with the music. From its haunting opening to its captivating conclusion, the song stands as an anthem for the unseen, transcending barriers and offering a glimpse into the mesmerizing world of Monarbre. So, don’t miss out on experiencing the evocative charm and profound narrative of “Le Portail” by Monarbre.

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