Luch Stefano’s “I Like It On You” is an energetic and vibrant love song that captures the thrill of a new romance and emphasizes the importance of a strong friendship as the cornerstone for any romantic engagement. The song was created with a Geordie accent in mind and was motivated by an overseas work romance.

Ed Sheeran inspired singer/songwriter Luch Stefano with the ability to use a loop pedal while rapping and beatboxing. Luch Stefano’s warbling melodies and heartbreaking lyrics give him a dynamic edge in the singer-songwriter arena. Luch Stefano has begun turning heads with his honest approach to music, able to contrast the emotional tenderness of a ballad with spitting poetry on a gravity-defying instrumental. Starting out as a busker on the streets of Central London and sleeping on the floors of friends’ houses, Luch Stefano would use his time to write songs while exhibiting his unwavering ability to persevere in the face of adversity. 

After experiencing heartbreak in the city’s harsh winter nights, an inspired Luch Stefano created and released his “Falling Through Flaws” album in 2015 at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Bar, which grew his following and caught his audience’s attention. Luch Stefano reached 100,000 followers on TikTok in 2020, allowing his inner self to peek through, and it wasn’t long before passers-by recognized him for his magnetic energy. Luch Stefano leads the way with his jaw-dropping live loop pedal performances, humorous films, and inventive songs, artistically screaming his relatable message of being yourself and believing you are enough.

Luch Stefano has always been passionate about music. To him, one of the most fulfilling experiences is being able to elicit an emotion in someone, whether happy or sad. He prefers to sing acoustically, although he can also sing with accompanying tracks. Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Drake, Devlin, JME, Skepta, Passenger, and Ben Howard are among his key influences. “I like it on you” is part of a 17-track project that was released on March 17, 2023. It is the opener from Luch Stefano’s “HErARTWORK (Her Artwork)” project, which he wrote, recorded, and produced entirely.

“I like it on you” was written with a Geordie accent in mind. “I hate that bloody accent, but I suppose I like it on you” is the line that was inspired by a work romance abroad. The chemistry between Luch Stefano and another artist was evident, but it’s “dangerous times” because this girl is already in a relationship. This song was written during the “so what happens now?” period and begins with a cryptic acoustic prelude before descending into a wonderland of synths.

The upbeat and vivacious love song “I Like It On You” is sure to get listeners moving. An incredible acoustic guitar riff that opens the song sets the tone for the rest of the track. Beautiful vocals are used by the performer, who delivers each line with emotion and passion. The excitement of a new relationship is perfectly portrayed in the song’s lyrics. The first line of the song, “Dangerous Times for Different People, the Way She Smiles Through, It’s Better,” establishes the mood for the remainder of the song. Luch Stefano sings about the attractiveness of the blue eyes of his love interest and how they “kill the time.” The best part of the relationship, according to the artist, is when they “get on as friends and both wave high to say goodbye,” highlighting the significance of a solid friendship as the basis for any romantic partnership.

Luch Stefano wanted the listener to be as engrossed in the romance as he was. The song was written and recorded in his bedroom while he was on vacation in Mallorca. Rather than relying on others, he created the entire thing himself.

For anyone who enjoys love songs that are uplifting and meaningful, “I Like It On You” by Luch Stefano is a must-listen. The production is of the highest caliber, and the lyrics are both sincere and humorous. It’s a song that perfectly captures the essence of a brand-new relationship and teaches listeners to value the small details that make a bond special. It is evidence of Luch Stefano’s talent and artistry, and it is a song that is certain to make listeners smile.

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