Mary Mina, known by her fans and peers as “Mary in the Mirror,” is a Bristol-based artist who originally hails from London. 

The artist’s solo recording project as a singer-songwriter and her alternative pop sound draws influences from jazz, hip-hop, soul, and folk styles. With her blend of electronic percussion and jazz-inspired vocals, she creates a modern sound with a Celtic twist. 

Using her life experiences to weave profound storytelling lyrics into her compositions, she puts on impassioned performances to create an authentic connection with her audience. With comparisons to singers such as Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons, it’s clear Mary in the Mirror has made a lasting impression on new and old fans with her fiercely original brand of electronic pop. 

                                      Mary in the Mirror – “Monster”

Having emerged out of the south of England in 2021 with her debut single “Monster,” Mary in the Mirror is an artist that seems to be growing in confidence and composure with each of her releases, with “Pain,” one of her previous releases, being a testament to the immense potential that this artist and her strikingly cool sound possess. 

Mary in the Mirror describes “Pain” as “an embodiment of exploring bold sexuality, pushing our boundaries of control, and going beyond our limits.” The Bristol-based artist draws you in with authentic storytelling nestled within an exquisite heavy bass and trap soundscape. Fueled by her challenging and painful life experiences, Mary in the Mirror takes a creative spin on her hardships and creates an alternative universe that is evocative, gritty, and brutally honest. The trap-infused banger hints at the darkness in the artist’s sound that feels enticing and cutting-edge, melding a more conventional pop sound with a murkier undertone to create something that feels volatile and exciting. 

The direction Mary is going when it comes to her style of music is loved by many. The singer is more than just an alter ego or singing personality. She has risen through adversity to become strong, and through her experiences, she can sing out the complex and traumatic things she encountered in her life. Her influences range from jazz and classical to pop, punk, soul, hip-hop, house, drum & bass, and electronic music. 

Mary in the Mirror’s favorite singers are the ones who can really convey emotion through their voices, with artists such as Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Elizabeth Fraser, Beth Gibbons, David Bowie, Prince, and Bjork being major influences on Mary’s particular sound. 

In 2016, the UK singer Mary Mina experienced a serious health issue that left her unable to walk. Since then, she has been regaining her strength through the use of crutches and leveling up her mental fortitude. Inspired by indie-pop artists Bjork, Goldfrapp, and Massive Attack, Mary in the Mirror adds her special touch with her empowering lyrics and spine-tingling ethereal vocals.

“Fire Lighter” is the 5th single from Bristol artist Mary in the Mirror, and this song is an atmospheric take on R&B, but with the unmistakable bass-heavy grooves that are becoming a recognizable element of the MM sound. Mary describes “Fire Lighter” as a love song with a twist. “feel like I follow you round and you don’t know – feel like I follow you round like you want love…” it’s slightly obsessive to want someone who knows you exist but you’re hanging on to the feeling that they might be looking for love when you don’t really know it. Nonetheless, the song has an uplifting element to it also; “feeling the fire, feel like you’re my “Fire Lighter” you light me up” is the sense of joy in just being in another person’s presence” says Mary.

Heavy bass and a trap rhythm provide the perfect backdrop for Mary’s playful lyrics and gorgeously smooth, sultry vocals in her latest release, “Fire Lighter,” which frankly describes the paradox of emotions being pleasurable. The beauty of this song is its sultry, ethereal, soulful, pop-inspired vocals with startling, no-holds-barred lyrics meeting edgy urban beats inspired by alternative, electronica, hip-hop, and trap.

“Fire Lighter” the latest single of this inspiring artist Mary in the Mirror was released on November 23, 2022, and is available on all streaming services. “Fire Lighter is a must-listen and promised to be a song played on repeat while being introduced into the world of Mary in the Mirror.

Mary in the Mirror during one of her gig
Mary in the Mirror during one of her gig

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