Joshua Ketchmark is an American singer-songwriter who has been releasing music since 2008. From performing at large venues in Hollywood and Nashville to starting his own Black Gold Speakeasy studio to produce, engineer, and mix music for other artists.

The third single from Joshua Ketchmark’s 10th studio album, “Blood,” is titled “Death Trap” and was released on November 11, 2022. It is one of the heaviest musical compositions ever, with sincere experiences from real life which are reflected in the song’s lyrics. They inspire you to get up and do what you love because they are upbeat emotionally. It discusses commitment to achieving one’s goals in life and how, despite all odds, one can overcome every challenge.

                                       “Death Trap By Joshua Ketchmark

Ketchmark wrote this song based on his memories of growing up in the Midwest, about two and a half hours south of Chicago, IL. The song has no drums or other sources of rhythm. It is entirely supported by the guitar melodies, the exquisite bass notes, a few piano chords, and the backup sections from the string section.

Joshua Ketchmark "Death Trap"
Joshua Ketchmark “Death Trap”

Ketchmark was responsible for writing, producing, engineering, and mixing the entire album. Soulful voice pads were added by C.C. Wyle, and percussion was added by Zak St. John (Black Star Riders/Stevie Wonder).

Joshua Ketchmark’s “Death Trap” is the music you should listen to if you want to stay inspired. It is a song that should be heard and felt. The chorus cries, “Give it all you’ve got, try and take me apart.”

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