With her profound lyrics and passionate voice, singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna has become a major presence in India’s burgeoning indie music industry. Kamakshi, whose training in both Western and Hindustani classical music, greatly influenced her compositions. She is set in Mumbai and her songs exhibit this duality in her training as they deftly blend pop, RnB/Soul, and folk genres. Her career began with her debut EP, which set the tone for her unique style and storytelling skills

Her highly intimate songs, which explore themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and reflection, have made her well-known throughout the year. Her loyal fan following is a result of her ability to emotionally connect with people. The release of the Hindi song “Qareeb” in 2020 was her big break; it went on to garner over 1.8 million views on YouTube and was named Rolling Stone India’s “Song of the Year.” After this success, she collaborated with well-known composers like OAFF and added to the soundtracks of well-liked OTT series, further solidifying her place in the indie music scene.


Live performances by Kamakshi Khanna are equally captivating as her studio recordings. She has played at esteemed festivals including Lollapalooza India, NH7 Weekender, and VH1 Supersonic with music legends like AR Rahman. Also, she’s gained a lot of recognition for her imaginative “Green Room Sessions” on YouTube and Instagram, where she posts condensed renditions of her previously unheard tunes. Over 300,000 views have come from organic views of these recordings. The much-anticipated Kamakshi Khanna EP, “Heartbreak 2020,” was made available on June 20th, 2024. This quartet of songs, with its genuine and authentic exploration of love, pain, and self-discovery, marks a significant turning point in her artistic career.

The poignant reflection “Heartbreak 2020” explores the variety of events that comprise our twenties. These songs, which are taken from Kamakshi’s well-regarded series of performances, “The Green Room Sessions,” capture her most vulnerable moments. The EP is a poignant journey through a whirlwind of emotions, with each track detailing her personal experiences with unrequited love, mind games, short-lived relationships, and terrible dates. “Heartbreak 2020” is a compelling fusion of electronic and acoustic components that highlights Kamakshi Khanna’s development as a musician and her capacity to convey meaningful messages via her music. With her beautiful voice and poignant music, Kamakshi encourages listeners to consider their own love and loss experiences in this EP.


Heartbreak 2020 EP Track List:

Love Is Not A Fucking Game For Me:
I experienced a profound emotional connection when I listened to “Love Is Not A Fucking Game For Me” from Kamakshi Khanna’s EP “Heartbreak 2020”. I could practically feel the flood of emotion running through my veins from the first note. A calm yet eerie background is created by the song’s opening wave of synth sounds, which drew me in right away. The acoustic guitar’s celestial strings added an emotional depth that felt almost paradisical, setting the stage for Kamakshi’s ethereal voice. Her vocals, soft and calming like gentle raindrops, carried the lyrics with such vulnerability and raw emotion that it felt like she was sharing a piece of her soul with every word.
As the song progressed, I was struck by the gradual introduction of piano sounds, each note adding a layer of charm and melancholy. At the 0:49 mark, the emergence of the pulsing drum beat brought an anthemic quality to the song, a “war beat of love” that added to the emotional intensity. This transition marked the song’s evolution from a tender ballad to a powerful declaration of love’s complexity. Kamakshi’s voice, double-tracked to perfection at the 1:20 timestamp, was a moment that gave me literal chills. The harmony created by her voice, layered upon itself, was nothing short of majestic, elevating the emotional impact to new heights.
The song’s instrumentation continued to build in intensity, each element meticulously crafted to enhance the overall soundscape. The bass, thick and majestic, added a depth that anchored the song, while the drums and piano intertwined to create a lush, evolving sound. By the 1:50 mark, the song reached its full bloom, each instrument contributing to a crescendo of emotions that was both powerful and poignant. The slow tempo, combined with the evolving melodies, created a serene yet intense atmosphere, perfectly encapsulating the song’s theme of love’s seriousness and vulnerability.
The song “Love Is Not A Fucking Game For Me” stands out because it uses melody, rhythm, and orchestration to effectively portray a range of complicated emotions. The song’s eerily lovely clarity captures genuine love and pain. Kamakshi’s song “It’s not an escape for me” is a tribute to everyone who has ever experienced both the joy and sorrow of love. This song showcases Kamakshi Khanna’s artistic ability by illuminating how she can turn singular experiences into universally felt emotions. It’s a hauntingly beautiful reminder that love is never just a game, no matter how it manifests itself.

I was instantly taken aback by Kamakshi Khanna’s amazing vocals and acoustic guitar fusion when I listened to “Tourist,” one of the highlight songs on her EP “Heartbreak 2020.” It sounds as though the instrument was made specifically to harmonize with her ethereal tones, producing a unique and captivating harmony. The song opens with tranquil, natural strings of the acoustic guitar, setting a soft and serene backdrop for Kamakshi’s angelic voice. Her vocals, possessing a transcendent quality, carry the lyrics with a blissful and calming aura that instantly drew me in. As the rhythm guitar joins in, its charming and appealing strings elevate the song, enhancing the delicate and alluring ambiance that Kamakshi effortlessly rides upon.
At the 0:38 timestamp, the gentle groove of the drum seamlessly enters the mix, dancing elegantly with the rhythm guitar and adding depth to the soundscape. The bass provides a rich texture, while the piano laces the melody with soft, downtempo notes that create a laidback, cozy feel. This instrumental blend serves as the perfect backdrop for Kamakshi’s elegant lyrics and ethereal voice, making the song feel like a classical jazz masterpiece. The moment at the 1:09 timestamp, when the initial strings reappear briefly before returning to the full instrumental flow, adds a touch of nostalgia and continuity. The addition of soft handclapping percussion sounds and shadowy, ethereal vocals further enriches the track, enhancing its calming aura and blissful magnificence.
“Tourist” is a masterpiece of musical innovation and emotional depth, navigating the realms of beautiful sounds and true emotions. The song’s unique and unpredictable rhythm, coupled with its exquisite melody, creates a dynamic and exotic experience that is both serene and impactful. The ethereal voice of Kamakshi and the classical-jazz-like instrumental vibe create a downtempo groove that gradually changes while retaining a warm and dreamy charm. This song is exceptional due to its true feelings as well as its flawless technical execution, making it a very wonderful composition that has a profound emotional impact on the listener.


The exceptional EP “Heartbreak 2020” demonstrates Kamakshi Khanna’s development as a musician and her capacity to emote powerfully through song. Her deep voice combined with a combination of electronic and acoustic components makes for an engaging listening experience. This EP is a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced love or heartbreak. It not only confirms Kamakshi’s position as a prominent figure in India’s indie music landscape, but it also provides a indepth analysis of the process of self-realization and psychological recovery.

Kamakshi Khanna’s “Heartbreak 2020” EP was created as a result of the combined skill and hard work of a number of outstanding individuals. The primary artist and composer, Kamakshi Khanna, infused her unique blend of pop, RnB/Soul, and folk into every track, writing deeply personal lyrics that explore themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The EP was produced by a team including Pranay Parti, Kamakshi Khanna, Anhad Khanna, and Raag Sethi, each contributing their expertise to craft the final sound.

The mixing was handled by Keshav Dhar, Anhad Khanna, and Protyay Chakraborty, while the mastering was done by Shawn Hatfield and Mukul Jain, ensuring the highest quality audio. Live instrumentation was brought to life by Karun Kannampilly on drums, Adil Kurwa on bass, Sounak Saha and Jyotirmay Menon on guitars, Kandarp Kavishwar on keyboards, and Abhay Sharma on saxophone, creating the rich, dynamic soundscape that defines the EP. This collaboration resulted in a deeply emotive and sonically rich collection of songs that resonate profoundly with listeners.

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