Proklaim is a solo rap musician and songwriter from the energetic city of Windhoek, Namibia. His music is cross-genre and cross-boundary. Having a deep love for poetry and rhythm from an early age, he was surrounded by the sounds of legendary hip-hop artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G. Proklaim’s own musical identity was molded by these well-known inspirations as well as the funk-infused rhythms of Maxi Priest and the soulful melodies of Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. Proklaim started dabbling with beats and writing songs in notebooks when he was very young. He went from being a local talent to an internationally renowned artist over the years thanks to his commitment to his work.

His goal is to spark social change and encourage thought through his music, which is distinguished by its profound social conscience and precise lyrics. Every song that Proklaim creates reflects his conviction that music is a potent force for transformation. A standout moment in his career was working with female rapper Romi; their partnership was featured on MTV Base and demonstrated his ability to slickly merge various styles and voices. Proklaim’s music is not only entertaining; it encourages listeners to interact with the world more purposefully.

On June 24th, 2024, Proklaim’s latest song, “Life,” was released. It sounds like it will take you on a fantastic musical adventure. This music will captivate your senses and improve your mood with its deft blend of hip-hop and electronic funk. “Life” enthralls you with its infectious rhythms and vibrant flows right away, providing a profound and thought-provoking experience. For anyone looking for music that isn’t your typical fare, “Life” is a must-listen. Inspired by artists such as Nas and Bob Marley, Proklaim’s unique sound finds new life in this hybrid masterpiece.

I have to admit that I had no idea what kind of musical adventure “Life” by Proklaim was going to take me on. I was immediately taken to another realm where hip-hop, funk, and electronic sounds blended together to create a soundscape that transcended traditional genre lines. This song stands out in the current music environment because of Proklaim’s inventiveness, which is evident in every beat, melody, and lyrical flow. I can’t even begin to describe the joyful and otherworldly mood that this clever synthesis of sounds creates; it’s difficult to put it into words. This is a beautiful, sublime work of art that must be experienced; it’s not just a song.

I could feel myself getting into the rhythm from the first few notes. The way that hip-hop and funk are balanced is simply amazing. Imagine hearing the well-known hip-hop drum beat with a surprising addition. A rhythmic basis that is both calming and energizing is created by the deft tapping of drum pads mixed with percussion with a funk influence. On top of this, there’s the seductive sound of soft yet forceful funk guitar strings mixed with catchy piano melodies. I was enthralled with the soundscape from beginning to end—a hip-hop track with a funk beat that possesses a gentle intensity, a soothing mood, and a gradual progression.

At around the 0:20 mark, Proklaim’s voice enters, and it’s a revelation. His vocal delivery is dynamic, filled with a calm and mellow vibe that perfectly complements the instrumental backdrop. Proklaim’s precision in delivering his lyrics is impeccable; his flow rides the wave of the beat with exceptional grace. His rap bars are consistent and powerful, and his breath control allows him to seamlessly integrate with the evolving rhythm. The way he maneuvers through the instrumental is nothing short of masterful, making his performance both captivating and deeply engaging.

As the song progresses, the background sounds begin to evolve, adding layers of complexity and richness. Subtle vocal melodies emerge, soft and celestial, enhancing the overall ambiance of the track. The funk guitar and piano sounds intensify, amplifying their impact on the listener. It’s at this point that the electronic influence becomes more pronounced, subtly weaving through the percussion and infusing the guitar and piano melodies with a modern edge. This electronic touch adds an extra dimension to the track, making it even more unique and compelling.

The chorus sections of “Life” are particularly striking. Proklaim’s voice is double-tracked, creating a fuller, more impactful vocal presence. This technique enhances the emotional depth of his delivery, making each chorus feel even more powerful and transcendent. The repetition of this effect throughout the song amplifies its beauty and reinforces its captivating nature. Each time the chorus hits, it feels like a crescendo of emotion and sound, a moment where everything comes together in perfect harmony.


One of the most remarkable aspects of “Life” is its subtle shifts and movements. The song’s rudiments and rhythmic flow change just enough to keep things interesting without losing the core essence that makes it so special. This consistency in maintaining its vitality is what sets this track apart. The music never once slips or lets go of the listener from beginning to end, maintaining its upbeat and lively vibe throughout. Proklaim’s artistic brilliance is demonstrated by its constant dedication to its primary sound.

Proklaim’s “Life” is a masterwork that defies classification and beyond expectations. Hip-hop, funk, and electronic components are blended to produce something genuinely amazing in this celebration of innovation. This song is a remarkable experience because of the careful production, Proklaim’s outstanding vocal delivery, and his skill with lyrics. You will be moved, exhilarated, and amazed by the creative genius of this track. I sincerely hope that everyone has the opportunity to witness the splendor of “Life,” as Proklaim has created something truly remarkable.

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