Hailing from the vibrant city of Mogareeka Australia, Scared of Sharks is a Rock’n’Roll band recognised for their energetic performances, and raw authentic sound. The band was formed in 2016 by Taylor Schwifty and his brother Jack Malolakis with the initial goal of performing at the Cobargo Folk Festival. In 2017 the band relocated to Wollongong where they played several gigs across the Illawarra region including a remarkable performance at the now closed down Rad Bar. Their unique presence quickly earned them a local fan base as their talent and passion were evident leading to the release of their debut song “Beach Wog” in 2021. In late 2022, Jack Malolakis left for Europe which brought about new members to the band by Taylor Schwifty. The new band members namely are Tim Jong Un (plays drums), and Loui Crouton (on bass) he replaced the ex-bassist Riley Minogue who went on several independently organised tours along the east coast of Australia. These tours included performances at different venues from the Port Kembla Festival, to intimate backyard parties in Mullumbimby and the renowned Cherry Bar in Melbourne. Their persistent drive and passion led to the release of several singles including “Yuppie Land” in November, “Ode to Rose St.” in January and “2nd Jingle Idea” in April.

Their latest single “Stumble” which was released on the 4th of June 2024, draws influences from alternative rock, surf punk, and garage rock. “Stumble” was recorded mostly live to tape at Stranded Records with Codey Munro in July of 2023 and mastering by Owen Penglis, this track marks the first release from their anticipated debut EP set for later this year. Supporting the release of “Stumble”, Scared of Sharks performed a series of shows in the month of June 2024 and here are the highlights, Last Chance Rock’n’Roll Bar at Melbourne on June 13th, LaLaLa’s at Wollongong on June 21st and Moshpit Bar at Sydney on June 29th. When going into the world of alternative rock, few songs manage to capture the raw energy and emotional depth as effectively as “Stumble”. “Stumble” is a whirlwind of vigorous instrumentals and powerful vocals that invite listeners to introspect and let loose.

The moment “Stumble” begins, listeners are instantly hooked by a unique auditory blend that sounds like a broadcast on a radio channel. This catchy introduction paired with the lively strums of the bass guitar played by Loui Crouton and the distant sound of a siren sets stage for a thrilling musical journey. The energetic and vigorous drums played by Tim Jong un amplify this effect immediately signalling that an exhilarating experience lies ahead. This intriguing introduction masterfully builds anticipation by ensuring that listeners are on their toes eager for what’s to come next.

As the initial intensity mellows into a more rhythmic tempo, the earthy vocals of Taylor Schwifty makes entrance around the 0:30 mark, his appealing and smouldering vocals carried an undertone of withheld emotions ready to explode urging the listener to dance and sing along wholeheartedly. This transition in this moment is seamless as the rhythmic bass guitar, and drums, provide a steady foundation for Taylor’s expressive vocal performance.

At the 0:58 mark, the chorus of the song bursts forth with renewed vigor with the bass guitar and drums reigniting their initial intensity, Taylor’s powerful and natural vocals resonate deeply within as he sings at 1:13 mark ” Feeling out of love but you make it all soaking through ourselves but it might be time to just let it go, miss you when we went out the other day I guess I’ll see you well, I guess today you remind me of all those silly things that people say” throughout this moment in the song, the instrumental backdrop maintains its energetic driving the song forward with relentless momentum.

In the second verse Taylor reflects on personal introspection and mistakes with the line ” Wait, an honest mistake came in too late I just had to stop and stare.” These lyrics, highlight the gravity of errors and the contemplation that follows a common human experience that resonates with many. “Stumble,” delves into the themes of personal mistakes, emotional struggles, recovery and the complexities of relationships offering a profound exploration of one’s inner world and connections with other people.

As “Stumble ” gets closer to its final crescendo at 3:22, the instrumental brilliance of Loui Crouton and Tim Jong Un takes Center stage allowing the bass guitar and drums to fully shine showcasing the mastery of their craft. This instrumental break is a standout moment encouraging listeners to let go and dance with reckless abandon while embodying the wild energy of the song as this song has ability to invoke a visceral response, making “Stumble” by Scared of Sharks a testament to their craft.

The production quality for “Stumble” is top-notch, as every element in the song is balanced to perfection with the vocals and instruments both having their moment to shine creating a harmonious blend that is powerful and emotional. Scared of Sharks delivers an energetic performance leaving no stone unturned with their song “Stumble”. The song’s introspective lyrics, and dynamic instrumentals, combined with its infectious energy makes it a standout track in the alternative rock genre.

For anyone in search of a song that will make them get up and dance, “Stumble” is a must listen and It’s ability to evoke both introspection and uninhibited movement makes it a perfect addition to any playlist. So crank up the volume, let the music take control and discover your inner wild with “Stumble.”

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