Credit: Nick Watson

I’d like to present you to Stonnii, a fascinating artist from Australia’s beautiful Geelong region. Not your typical musician, Stonnii is a multi-talented creative powerhouse with equal proficiency in production, guitar playing, songwriting, and vocals. Her abilities, however, don’t end there. She is also a visual artist and curator, fusing many artistic mediums to produce an enthralling creative tapestry. Like her artistic abilities, Stonnii’s journey into the music industry is multifaceted and dynamic. She has always loved using music to express herself, even in her early days as a writer and performer.

Stonnii draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin, Dominic Fyke, Still Woozy, and SZA. These influences are evident in her genre-bending sound, which pulls together elements of indie pop, Australian soft rock, and neo-soul But it wasn’t until a turning point in her life—during a career change from architecture and construction driven by a mental breakdown—that she gave her all to her musical pursuits. After enrolling in a music course in the turbulent years of 2020 and 2021, Stonnii turned to the creative process for comfort and inspiration, using her experiences to create her debut EP, “Better.”

Credit: Nick Watson

Her talent has taken her to various stages and venues, including performances at the Eureka Hotel, Aireys Inlet Pub, Turtlebend Teesdale Festival, Flying Brick Cider Co, and Barwon Club. Notable accolades include being a semi-finalist in Future Youth Record’s Think Earth Songwriting Contest and a finalist in Piano Bars’ Got Talent competition. Additionally, Stonnii’s residency for Geelong council’s ‘Music in the City’ activation showcases her commitment to community engagement and artistic expression.

Co-written with Leon Antonov, “Better” is the product of Stonnii’s deepest inner exploration. Stonnii persevered and gave her all into the music in spite of obstacles and disappointments, which included the sudden deaths of three family members. The project, which was first imagined under the band name “Orange Butter Club,” took on a new life as Stonnii’s solo project and resulted in a compilation of four tracks that highlight her fortitude, inventiveness, and unshakable devotion to her craft.

Credit: Nick Watson

Now, poised on the brink of her debut EP release, Stonnii invites listeners to join her on a transformative musical journey. The May 2nd, 2024, release of “Better” is a monument to the human spirit and the ability of art to uplift and heal. With inspirations spanning from Australian soft rock and neo-soul to indie pop, Stonnii’s genre-bending sound gives a novel take on modern music, enticing listeners to discover new auditory worlds and engage with the unadulterated emotion and genuineness of her compositions.

Better EP Track List:

“Sunny” from Stonnii’s EP “Better” is a mesmerizing journey into a realm of softness and care, where delicate acoustic blends intertwine with hints of soft rock and pop, creating a transcendent sonic experience. From the moment the elegant strings of the guitar open the song, accompanied by the gentle caress of the drumbeat and the magnificent sounds of the piano and bass, a dreamy soundscape is established, setting the stage for Stonnii’s pure and soothing voice to weave its magic.
A subtle and refined shift in the song’s progression occurs at the 0:52 timestamp, which enhances the listening experience. Backing vocals also provide richness and dimension, resulting in a beat that is both energizing and peaceful at the same time. I’m enthralled by the elegance of this flowing rhythm, which keeps me riveted till the very end. The intricate guitar strings and the gentle percussion are just two examples of how much work goes into creating the instrumental canvas, which immerses listeners in a fantastical and sensory-pleasing experience.
Thematically, “Sunny” delves on the inconceivable depths of love and acceptance that endure hardship without wavering. Through heartfelt lyrics that express nostalgia and longing for a loved one who is far away, Stonnii depicts an image of steadfast commitment in the face of hardship. The speaker’s love endures the changing seasons and gloomy mornings, demonstrating the enduring strength of love. The song offers listeners a poignant message of optimism and enduring love, celebrating partnerships characterized by tenacity and dedication.
The skillful instrument layering and orchestration of “Sunny” are what really make the song stand out; they combine to produce an incredibly amazing sound. The song is a monument to Stonnii’s skill and inventiveness, from the ethereal guitar strings that are released at the 3:24 timestamp to the flawless integration of every instrument. I was struck with awe and surprise at the sheer majesty of Stonni’s musical ability as the song faded into quiet.

Credit: Josh Whitty

As I immersed myself in Stonni’s EP “Better,” the track “Cake” immediately caught my attention with its captivating blend of melodic guitar styles and pulsating drumbeat. From the outset, I was swept away by the melodic guitar reverie, feeling the gentle rock vibe infused with an influencer pop feel. The seamless interplay between the lead guitar, deep bass, and electric guitar strings, accompanied by hints of sweet synths, created a dynamic and immersive sonic landscape that drew me in. As Stonni’s unique and soft voice graced the track with grace, I was captivated by the clear energy and pure vibe that carried through to the very end, leaving a lasting impression.
The song progresses with a clear energy and pure vibe that carries through to the very end, leaving a lasting impression. Thematically, “Cake” delves into the complexities of navigating expectations and emotions surrounding birthdays, exploring themes of disillusionment and disappointment amidst societal pressures. Stonnii’s poignant lyrics paint a vivid picture of the speaker’s feelings of letdown and loneliness, stemming from the anticipation of recognition and affection from others on their special day.
Despite the repeated disappointments symbolized by the annual downfalls, the singer finds solace in indulging in cake—a bittersweet coping mechanism amidst the longing for genuine connection and validation. “Cake” is a profound meditation on the difficulties of finding purpose and fulfillment in the face of societal expectations through its examination of self-worth, identity, and the complexities of human relationships. The distinctive guitar interplay and Stonnii’s lovely vocals are what really make “Cake” stand out. Together, they produce an engrossing and deeply moving listening experience.
The vocals and instrumentation blend harmoniously throughout the song to add depth and texture, which heightens the emotional depth of the song. I was taken to a realm of contemplation and meditation where the depths of the human experience are explored with honesty and sensitivity as Stonnii’s voice melds with the complex guitar melodies. “Cake” is an incredibly moving examination of hope, heartbreak, and fortitude that really got under my skin and made me want to learn more about the intricacies of their own feelings.

Credit: Nick Watson

The excellent “Better” EP by Stonnii is a testament to the ability of music to arouse feelings, encourage reflection, and create bonds. Each track leads listeners on a journey of self-discovery and healing with its compelling blend of genres, poignant lyrics, and great orchestration. Stonni’s talent is evident throughout, from the surreal soundtrack of “Sunny” to the moving contemplation of “Cake,” leaving a profound effect on the spirit. Take a trip of self-discovery and healing with Stonnii’s music when you put on your headphones and close your eyes. You will not be let down.

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