M-Dot releases his new Hip-hop single “One Day At A Time.”

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M-Dot featuring Mary-eL releases a dazzling sound “One Day at a Time” which is intended to have a magnetic, relatable, personal feel for the pandemic’s struggles and people’s resiliency in 2020-2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond.

M-Dot, the stage name of Micheal J. Cole is a hip-hop artist in Washington, DC. He has been on the scene for over 20 years. M-Dot raps, sing, produce, perform live, write lyrics, compose melodies, mix and record tracks in the studio, and collaborates with other artists across multiple genres. The 40 years old released a single, “One Day at a Time!” which features Mary-eL, a prominent DMV-area R&B singer-songwriter who sings a powerful vocal hook. Mary-eL and M-Dot met each other at the studio (Cue Recording Studio in VA). As a highly-talented singer, she was strongly recommended by the studio manager, Dusty Rose. The duo gelled together immediately – and the vibes were immaculate. “She did a phenomenal job singing the hook for the track and bringing it to life. It wouldn’t be what it is without her” said Mike Cole (M-Dot). The artist’s main musical influences, primarily his single, are heavily influenced by OutKast, Common, Macklemore, and the Black Eyed Peas.

The Washington-based artist M-Dot released a new single titled “One Day at a Time,” which draws inspiration from the past struggles of the pandemic. The song displays M-Dot’s abilities as he utilizes his artistic lyrical wordflow to deliver a meaningful message incorporated with a positive, upbeat storytelling vibe with a melodic piano track in the background. The single was released on November 12, 2021. It’s called “One Day at a Time” (feat. Mary-eL). It’s a conscious hip-hop/R&B song that shares a chill, positive, reflective, storytelling vibe with a melodic piano and saxophone track in the background (produced by independent beatmaker, Omito Beats, Timothy Izzard at Omito Beats). “One Day at a Time” is intended to have a magnetic, relatable, personal feel for the pandemic’s struggles and people’s resiliency in 2020-2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond. It expresses a meaningful message and exudes a catchy flow with lyrics spat me, with a powerful vocal hook sung by Mary-eL. The vocals were professionally recorded and mixed by expert sound engineer and creative pop musician Tyler Schafer at Cue Recording Studios.

Both the lyrics and the melody for the hook and verses were written and composed by M-Dot. Since the single’s release, both parties have been excited about the positive reception it’s been getting! “One Day at a Time” has been aired on radio stations, including Takoma Radio on WOWD-LP 94.3 FM, the E-Jazz Radio station, and the WOA-FM-99 Radio Show and Podcast – a nationally-syndicated show hosted by Multiple Billboard Top 10 Artist/Producer and MTV EMA Nominee, Oliver Sean! The single has also been featured and reviewed positively by various independent music blogs across the globe, such as Music Reload, The Word is Bond, and the Roadie Music blog. It has also been included in various independently curated Spotify playlists. Also, M-Dot has been interviewed and featured in-depth for the single on the radio and the www.GatherDC.org website in Washington, DC!  

In addition, in 2021, the single was signed for a deal from Head A&R, Stuart Cheese, on the roster for media promotion by UK-based label, One Night Stand Music & Management! In September 2022, the single also featured on track no. 4 in Volume 12 of W.O.A. Entertainment Group’s major, multi-genre, heavily distributed, worldwide Independent No. 1’s Compilation Album for indie breakthrough artists! The album has charted at #1 on Amazon U.K.’s “Hot New Releases” and has had over 40,000 Spotify streams. It’s available on all major streaming platforms. M-Dot also performed gigs to promote the single in many venues in the DC/DMV area, such as The Wonderland Ballroom, The Pocket at 7DrumCity, Busboys and Poets, Hellbender Brewery, and as part of a cast production at George Washington University’s Listener Auditorium. he has also performed numerous house party gigs with Baltimore-based DJ Taylor Senpai. And the song has been resonating!

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